Midnight Youth, Angus and Julia Stone, Bridges and Powerlines At The Buddy Project

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The Buddy Project, a recording studio in Astoria, NY, recently hosted sessions with New Zealand’s Midnight Youth, winners of Vodafone’s ’09 “Best Rock Album.” Midnight Youth recorded at The Buddy Project with NYC-based producer/engineer Terence Dover.

Angus and Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone

And from Australia, brother-sister indie-folk duo Angus and Julia Stone (RCA/Nettwerk) tapped Buddy Project producer/engineer Kieran Kelly to mix their new record, Down The Way, which comes out March 30, 2010.

Kelly also tracked new music by Brooklyn-based drummer Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright), Will Stratton‘s latest record, No Wonder, and produced/engineered the upcoming record by NYC indie-rock band, Bridges & Powerlines at The Buddy Project.

Other recent sessions include Brooklyn bands, La Strada, recording with producer/engineer Kyle “Slick” Johnson for for their debut LP on Earnest Jenning Record Co, and pow wow!

Records made at The Buddy Project include: Sufjan StevensCome on Feel the Illinoise, Essie Jain‘s The In Between, Elain LaChica‘s I Think I Can See The Ocean and The Spring Standards‘ No One Will Know.

Keep up with The Buddy Project on Twitter @thebuddyproject. And for studio and equipment details, visit: http://thebuddyproject.com/

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