Equal Sonics (NYC) Launches, Providing Full-Service Mobile, In-Studio Music and Audio Production

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NYC-based audio engineer/mixer Matt McCorkle announced that he has officially launched Equal Sonics, a full-service audio and music production provider for both studio and mobile situations.

Equal Sonics has officially launched, servicing NYC and the planet.

“We encourage people to embrace the recording and mixing process,” McCorkle says. “Our mobile recording studio is the bridge between high-end recording rooms and the home recording studio scene. We saw a need for high-quality audio anywhere, not just in recording facilities.

“We created our mobile studio around the latest cutting edge digital platforms, while still retaining a high-quality front-end with professional microphones and pre-amps. Equal Sonics is here to provide exceptional quality with recordings and service for your productions, no matter how big or small. Whether you’re cutting a record, mixing a voice-over, capturing a live performance or recording rain in the wilderness, the business of getting it completed can often be confusing. Equal Sonics encourages clients to start where all productions should: pre-production.”

Equal Sonics’ mobile recording studio is a full-feature recording and mixing platform, equipped with an Apogee digital clocking and converter system, and a front-end made up of API, Grace Design, Audient, Avedis Audio, and Shadow Hills pre-amps. AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Heil, and Neumann microphones are all available, along with an 8-channel cue system for custom headphone mixes.

The company is available for clients in NYC, nationally and globally.

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