Event Alert: Fundamentals of Audio Programming Workshop with Bjorn Roche, Wed. 11/9

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On Wednesday, November 9th from 8:00 – 9:30 pm, aspiring audio software designers and programmers can learn from NYC expert Bjorn Roche in the General Assembly class, “Fundamentals of Audio Programming”.

General Assembly gets specific on audio programming with this essential course.

Early bird admission is $45, and regular admission is $60. The class will be held at 902 Broadway. Visit here for more information and to purchase tickets.

According to Roche, this valuable class will cover the following:

Pro Tools, iTunes, SoundCloud, Garageband and Spotify all have audio playback at their heart. But whether it’s editing, mixing, streaming, recording or effects, you need to know how to get audio in and out of your computer and what to do with it once you’ve got it. Processing audio is fundamentally different from processing text, html or even video.

This intensive introductory session will explore:

– Very basic acoustics, psychoacoustics, analog signals, and digital representation

– Audio I/O methods, including blocking and callback

– Buffering

– Inter-thread communication for audio data

– Synchronization with video, HTML 5 content etc.

– Basic DSP (volume, mixing, panning, etc)


– A basic grasp of sound, and sampled audio.

– Understanding of a computer language, including arrays and basic arithmetic operators.

This course will not discuss metadata, only audio.”

Bjorn Roche has consulted with Indaba Music, Sterling Sound, and others. He has led the development of two DAWs (“digital audio workstation”), including the first browser-based DAW that could record uncompressed audio while playing back as well as supporting real-time effects. Roche is a major contributor to PortAudio, a portable audio I/O library. He is currently developing a DAW called Xonami which allows musicians to collaborate in real-time from anywhere on the globe.

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