Vampire Weekend, John Popper, Erik Friedlander Recording at Excello

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Excello Recording, one of Brooklyn’s most unique recording facilities, has been hosting a wide variety of sessions of late.

Vampire Weekend. Photo by Søren Solkær Starbird.

Vampire Weekend, John Popper and Jamie McClean, and Erik Friedlander were all through (separately, of course) to record in Excello’s large tracking room (1,000-sq.ft. w/ 17′ ceilings).

The members of Vampire Weekend were at Excello writing and recording material for their next release, tracking to tape with Ethan Donaldson and Nathan Rosborough.

John Popper was in recording with guitarist Jamie McClean (Dirty Dozen Brass Band) for his band’s latest album, Sunday Morning.

Engineer/producer Chris Shaw was at Excello working with the group Nick Casey – which is Nicholas Webber and Casey Spindler with the rhythm section of Dan Rieser and Tim Luntzel. This crew tracked between 20-30 songs over just two days at Excello.

Engineer/producer Scott Solter spent some time at the studio recording cellist Erik Friedlander latest solo project.

And mixer/engineer Hector Castillo has brought various projects to Excello, working on albums with singer Sophie Auster and singer/songwriter Clarence Bucaro, and recording the soundtrack for the film, La Camioneta, with composer Todd Griffin.

Meanwhile, Excello owner Hugh Pool has mixed records with Lase Salgado, The Compulsions, and his own band, Mulebone.

Additionally, Excello does analog-to-digital transfers for clients – recently handling projects by Richard Dev Green and the band Dead Leaf Echo – and audio restoration – through which they recently consulted on a Supreme Court criminal case.

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