Skyline Recording Studios Closes; Chung King Reopening in Former Skyline Space

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Skyline Recording Studios, the world-class NYC facility that operated for many years at 36 West 37th Street, has closed.

Skyline Recording Studios, an NYC recording landmark, has closed. The space will be the new home of Chung King Studios.

The studio, which was owned and operated by drummer Jonathan Mover, was renowned for its spacious live room, Musgrave-modified Neve VR60, and its superstar rock, jazz, and pop clientele.

Over the years, its client list has included many of music’s top names including Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Patti Smith, Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Gov’t Mule, David Byrne, Jessica Simpson, Natasha Bedingfield, Mariah Carey, Wu-Tang Clan, Madonna, David Bowie, The B-52’s, Tori Amos, Tony Bennett, Michael Brecker, James Brown, and many more.

In May, 2010, the Southern Federal District Court of New York ruled against Skyline in a suit brought by software developer Waves, which charged Reckless Music, LLC d.b.a. Skyline Recording Studios NYC with intellectual property infringements and the illegal use of its software. The suit followed a covert sting operation undertaken by Waves to root out studios using crack versions of its software.

The studio will apparently continue on as a music production hub, however. A visit by SonicScoop to the facility today revealed that John King — who abruptly ceased operations at the famed Chung King studios at 170 Varick Street in January, 2010 – was moving gear into the former Skyline.

According to King, Skyline’s previous owners had been out of the space for approximately two weeks. King estimated that the studio would once again be operational in one and a half weeks, and would be the new home of Chung King.

King added that the Chung King music facilities on 37th Street would be just one part of a multimedia company, which will also offer video production and other capabilities in a large Jersey City, NJ complex.

Phone calls and emails to Mr. Mover requesting comment for this article were not returned.

  • Mike Tyson

    that crazy mofo is back…gotta love NY!

  • Skylinepro

    I’m the original founder and owner of Skyline Studios.  I opened it in 1979 and closed it in 1994.  Jonathan Mover not only used the trademark Skyline Studios that I registered in the State of New York without my permission, he took MY client list and put it on HIS website.  Only because I have better things to do than make lawyers rich did I not sue him first.  But it is satisfying to know that MLK was right:  “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”
    -Paul Wickliffe 


    Hey Paul, I’m glad some measure of justice prevailed in the end.  Conrad.

  • I heard that. Good job man, you oughtta sue anyway.

  • Thejedimaster

    Paul, I second, third, and fourth your comment here. The timely demise of a carpetbagger. Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master” here from back in the day of Larry Coryell, 
    Brian Keane, and other Ct based notable Dan Hartman. Thank you for the clarification.

  • Zconkerite

    Good for you Paul! I could not have trusted anyone to work with me as I did you. You took great care of my jingles, theme songs and record demos. Looking up through the glass into the booth at you gave me much confidence because women are rarely respected in studios regardless if they are singing back-up, are the composer, the musician…You Rock! 

  • John

    I agree with paul and always act properly….John King

  • Sheltsound

    Fond memories of your place..I always wondered why it was called Skyline  when it reopened.. You reap  what you..etc……etc.

    Steve Addabbo

  • Rekkidmakah

    welcome back CK…you were missed, and I agree mover should have been sued by Skyline

  • John

    The Future Will be Much Brighter Than the Past……yo mike

  • TW

    Dear Paul, I have your SSL 4064 e/g. It’s a beautiful thing. Do you want it back?

  • skylinepro

    @TW: It’s probably pretty long in the tooth by now. I’m content to mix in the box now. No pots and switches to clean, no caps to change. Glad to hear it’s still breathing though. I wonder where its two brothers are?

  • Shedboogie

    Hey I’m currently looking for a studio with a live room, if anyone knows of any please let me know

  • Shedboogie — visit — you’ll find plenty of options!