Endless Analog Introduces CLASP 8 and CLASP 16

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Endless Analog, creators of the CLASP system for integrating analog tape with Pro Tools, has announced the availability of the CLASP 8 and CLASP 16.

CLASP 16 is one of two new offerings from Endless Analog.

According to Endless Analog, CLASP 8 and CLASP 16 offer the same precision mastering grade audio path and sample accuracy of the original CLASP, but now in more affordable 8 and 16 channel versions.

CLASP 16 begins at $5,495, and CLASP 8 begins at $3,995. The original CLASP 24 is priced from $6,995.

Additionally, the new CLASP software is completely redesigned with improved functionality and broad compatibility from Pro Tools 7.3 to Pro Tools 10 and all versions of Cubase and Neundo.

For more information on the new systems, visit Endless Analog.

  • K Schleifer

    Great versatility!