“BeatzByGirlz” IndieGoGo Campaign Launched by Erin Barra — Empowering Women in Audio

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Music listeners everywhere can agree: There’ll be even more to listen to, when women everywhere are engineering as much as they’re performing.

BeatzByGirlz needs YOU.

BeatzByGirlz needs YOU.

That’s why the multitalented electronic music guru Erin Barra is launching an IndieGoGo campaign for BeatzByGirlz, an equally multifaceted approach to empowering women which is both artistic and educational.

Currently Erin is in the thick of raising $20,000 for BeatzByGirlz, which upon funding will allow her to:

-Create a female powered web series in tandem with the Lower East Side Girls Club, which will teach provide the tools to ‘Make Beats’, ‘Remix the Track’, ‘DJ Essentials’ and ‘Demo Recording’. (This program will go into Beta in February for girls in NY and then live to everyone Summer 2014.)

-Release a group of recordings that was produced, edited and co-engineered by Erin, providing uncompressed stems of the entire record to electronic musicians and remix artists.

Help Barra – an accomplished producer, writer, artist and educator (and SonicScoop contributor!) – to equal out a music industry where women are “largely underrepresented and overlooked.” When she gets her way, role models for women producers, engineers, composers and music tech positions will abound.

Tantalizing rewards await her backers – visit the IndieGoGo page to learn more, and get involved!

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