Video Premiere: Sterling Sound’s Chris Gehringer in RPM #2 – from Ronin Applied Sciences

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How would you like 9:33 of inspiration today?

Brooklyn mic genies Ronin Applied Sciences will provide it. The creators of astonishing products like the Dove LDC FET mic and Archangel Passive Gain mic preamp also have video dancing through their heads.

That’s why they’re presenting another installment of RPM (Ronin Progressive Meet), in which the people they call “lovers, creators, geniuses, and badasses of audio” share their thoughts, hopes and ideas about that which matters most.

This episode features Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound NYC, and you DON’T want to miss it. In his interview Gehringer helps you to refocus on what counts in sound, and hang in there if the going feels tough.

Ronin Applied Sciences fills us in on their latest RPM this way:

Mr.Gehringer, of course, needs no introduction, but in case you are indeed unaware -his catalog includes: Madonna (MDNA & Hard Candy). Rihanna (Unapologetic & Loud), Lady GaGa (Born this way), Wu-Tang clan (Enter the 36 chambers), Jay-Z (Magna Carta), Katy Perry (Prism), Robin Thicke (Blurred lines), The Walking Dead (soundtrack), Purity Ring (Shrines), Drake (Take Care), Cobra Starship (Night shades), Kelly Clarkson (Stronger)….the list goes on, and on, and on. If you have listened to American music of any semi-popular genre within the last 15 years, you have heard his work.

This ongoing series captures the thoughts of those who use, create, and influence the gear and professional audio techniques that shape the sound we love. Captured in a way that mixes philosophy, art and engineering; this is not a history guide, a how to, or even a true interview. It is thought and stream of consciousness documented.

  • JGuth

    Music on the Gehringer video is way too loud and monotonous.

  • root

    Actually, I love it. Has me feeling the retrospective space Gehringer is coming from. It’s totally inspirational on multiple levels… too bad you’re missing out.