Video: Mixing Metallica – Backstage with Their Two-Man Monitoring Team

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“Don’t get relaxed,” says Bob Cowan, Monitor Engineer for Metallica, of his enviable gig.

Metallica monitors engineering Bob Cowan on point.

Metallica monitors engineering Bob Cowan on point.

No one should feel too calm witnessing a Metallica show, but least of all the dual monitoring team taking care of the supreme metal band’s four members – two each – when they play live.

There’s more going down than you might imagine on the monitors for James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich – overseen by Bob Cowan – and Kirk Hammet plus Robert Trujillo – watched over by Adam Correia – when they shake a stadium.

You’ll come away from this video with a new respect for the focus required to be a world class monitors engineer. There are surprises about the band’s actual stage volume, insight on maintaining consistency night after night, maintaining Metallica’s trust, and more.

This enlightening clip was produced by Meyer Sound, which now supplies Metallica with 76 Meyer Sound MJF-210 stage monitors on tour.

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