Refractor Audio Introduces TRANSPORT – Their First Virtual Instrument

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Detroit-based electronic rock composer Klayton, a.k.a. Celldweller, and his company Refractor Audio have released their first virtual instrument powered by Native Instrument’s Kontakt, TRANSPORT.

It features over 1,400 unique loops and 600 one-shot samples from Klayton’s synth-filled personal studio, all centered around their Probability Engine. The engine selects different slices from all the loops being triggered at the moment the user will hold down two or more MIDI notes (in the keyboard region designated to the 24 samples per NKI). Output of the instrument can be as structured, or random as the user desires, and it will stay in tempo as it evolves.

Additionally, five step sequencers control volume, delay send, filter cutoff frequency, pitch, and step duration. The first four run on a separate clock from that of the Probability Engine and can sequence in order or randomly.

TRANSPORT is available now for $199 MSRP, compatible with NI Kontakt Player.


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