2017 NAMM Show Recap: New Gear Photo Journal

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Did you miss the 2017 NAMM show? Or did you make it, but find yourself unable to wind through the huge number of new releases on display? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with our latest photo journal of all the best new pro audio releases.

Floor traffic at this year’s show was more than just healthy: According to many booth occupants, some of the days’ traffic was heavier than anything they’d seen in a decade. That’s a good sign.

One theme that continued to develop was the trend toward greater integration between the digital and tactile worlds. More and more of the hardware on display integrated the power of software control and wireless connectivity, while many digitally-focused companies showed that they have been hard at work expanding the ways in which producers, engineers and musicians can interact with their sounds in an intuitive and physical way.

While paradigm-shifting blockbuster releases were few at NAMM 2017, we saw loads of exciting new iterations, added capabilities, more cost-effective versions, and steady improvements over past years’ offerings from dozens of audio brands. A few new and forward-looking tools, like the Roli Blocks and Slate VRS-8, even pointed to the future of music-making that may look very different from the past.

So sit back, peel open your eyelids and take a whirlwind tour of all of the latest and greatest new pro audio gear out of this mega-convention in Anaheim, CA:


Interfaces and Consoles

Rack Gear and Other Hardware



New Software

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