Lia Ices, Small Black, Banjo or Freakout, Sebastian Blanck (etc.) at Rare Book Room Studios

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Since we last checked in with Nicolas Vernhes at Rare Book Room Studios in Greenpoint, he tracked and mixed on Spoon‘s Transference, recorded with Dirty Projectors and Bjork, mixed the Animal Collective movie Oddsac, and much more. Read on!

Nicolas Vernhes mixed the forthcoming debut LP by Brooklyn's Soft Black, "New Chain," at Rare Book Room Studio in Greenpoint.

Most recently, Vernhes produced/engineered the upcoming Lia Ices record, which will be released in early ’11 on Jagjaguwar, and a new record by Banjo or Freakout for release early next year on his own Rare Book Room Records. Also for Rare Book Room Records, Vernhes co-produced and mixed the new album by Sebastian Blanck, Alibi Coast. Check out Blanck performing album-opening track, “I Blame Baltimore” at Rare Book Room Studio HERE.

Vernhes also mixed Steve Wynn’s new record for Yep Rock, engineered/mixed the new Versus album On the Ones and Threes for Merge, mixed the new Small Black record, New Chain for Jagjaguwar, produced/engineered the new So So Glos EP for Green Owl and recorded/mixed Endless Boogie’s Full House Head.

Vernhes has also engineered a three-song EP for a new project featuring members of Junior Senior.

Check out Rare Book Room Records here, Rare Book Room Studios here and our ’09 feature on Vernhes and Rare Book Room HERE.

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