Studio Sweet Spot: Brownstone Recording Studio

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Facility Name: Brownstone Recording Studio

Brownstone is small but mighty!


Location: Harlem, Manhattan

Neighborhood Advantages: Near every train line in New York City

Date of Birth: April 1988

Facility Focus: composition, mixing, audio post and tracking

Mission Statement: “We always jump with two parachutes”

Clients/Credits: Jennifer Hudson, VH1, Warren Henry Project, Daryl Doleman, Deloris Bowman, Barry D, Chapter 2

Key Personnel: Warren Henry, Michele McCants, Omar Nurse, Nathaniel Johnson Jr.

System Highlights: Pro Tools HD2, Focusrite preamps, Tascam M2600 mixing console for summing and mastering.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The vibe is our most distinguishing characteristic. Many people find it nice to record in an environment that doesn’t rival the typical commercial studio — that helps in the creative process.

The building is on fire, you only have time to grab ONE thing to save, what is it? My G5 with my Pro Tools HD2 system.

(l-r) Warren Henry welcomed trumpet stylist Michael C Lewis.

Rave Reviews: The cozyness that reminds people of home.

Most Memorable Session Ever: Mixing footage of Jennifer Hudson for VH1 and Mixing my CD Signs

Session You’d Like to Forget: Thank God, haven’t had any of those in the last 10 years!

Dream Session: Myself on drums with Jeff Lorber on keys and Marcus Miller on bass doing trio Avante-Garde Jazz.

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