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Back in April, SonicScoop, The SCL in NY and Alto Music NYC presented a technology seminar and discussion with NYC-based film and television composer Peter Nashel.

Peter Nashel speaking at “Music Technology for the Working Composer.” April 2011.

Hosted by Good Penny Studios, “Music Technology for the Working Composer” provided an in-depth look into Nashel’s work and workflow on television scores for Fox’s Lie To Me and AMC’s Rubicon, among others.

As a NYC-based composer working on mostly LA-based productions, Nashel relies heavily on technology to enable remote collaboration and facilitate the creation, management and presentation of an extremely high volume of material out of his studio at Duotone Audio Group in Tribeca.

For those of you who could not make it to the event, we have some video segments of the evening to share with you. Hear Nashel talk about his favorite sound libraries and techniques for mixing your music for television, and check out cues from Lie To Me and Rubicon with Nashel’s commentary. Also learn about Wiredrive, the online media sharing site Duotone uses to manage and present the work to clients.

Check out the Lie To Me cue with composer’s commentary below, and head over to our newly designed video page for the rest of the series!

“Lie To Me” Cue with Composer Commentary from SonicScoop on Vimeo.

“Lie To Me” Cue with Composer Commentary from SonicScoop on Vimeo.

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