Beyond The Basics: Parallel Processing Demystified

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In the end, parallel processing is a general approach, rather than any one specific tactic. However you chose to use it, the parallel approach is just another option in the professional’s toolkit. Once practiced, it affords us yet another path we can use to chase after the sounds we hear in our minds’ ear.

Justin Colletti is a Brooklyn-based producer/engineer who works with uncommon artists, and a journalist who writes about music and how we make it. Visit him at

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  • Carlmarc

    Nice, simple & on the spot for newbys.

  • TOJ

    The term “newbys” is for people who play video games, not for people who make music. Can we go ahead and say “beginners” or something like that instead? Thanks!

  • Christopher Sauter

    It’s ALL about parallel processing.. Best technique there is in my book

  • dre

    what do you mean by squashing or squeezing the vocal track