Line 6 Releases Pod HD Pro Multi-Effects Rackmount Unit

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Earlier this year Line 6 introduced their legume-shaped Pod HD desktop effects unit, covering a whole new depth of sound quality in the digital guitar realm. With the new Pod HD Pro, users can expect all of the same features from the original Pod HD including the excellent HD amp modeling capabilities, “M-class” effects and Dual Tone capabilities among others. But now, with the HD Pro, there are more features than ever including  complete digital and analog I/O options for studio or live performance use.

The Pod HD Pro includes controls similar to a real amp.

The Line 6 Pod HD Pro is available now for $699.99 MSRP – Now, lets take a closer look at what this new rack-mount unit has to offer:

16 new speaker cab models.

A speaker cab’s interaction with an amp plays a tremendous part in the shaping of a tone. For POD HD Pro, we developed 16 new cab models that present the tones 16 speaker cabinets with stunning weight and authority, including the tuning of each cab’s acoustic resonance and the speakers’ frequency response and interaction with the amplifier. Our cab models deliver every detail of this most crucial link in your sound chain.

8 new mic models.

In the studio, the decision to mic your speaker cab with a condenser, ribbon or dynamic mic is as crucial a tone choice as where you set your gain and tone knobs. For POD HD Pro, we totally rebuilt our mic models — with reference to eight great examples of essential recording mics — to present more sonic detail and realism than ever before.

100+ M-class effects.

Line 6 stompbox modelers including the M9®, M13® and DL4™ set the standards for accuracy and authenticity in effects, establishing a new category known simply as “M-class.” POD® HD Pro includes a whopping collection of more than 100 M-class effects, including an incredible selection of classic delays, reverbs, modulators, pitch effects, overdrives, filters and more.

To make the most of this collection you can chain together up to eight simultaneous effects, tweak the parameters of each to taste, and create parallel paths (two independent tones) each with its own amp and effects signal chain, from one or two input sources. Use this breathtaking power to craft classic sounds from the annals of tone, or design new soundscapes that are entirely your own.

Full analog and digital I/O.

A comprehensive feature set is nothing without the connectivity to make it all work seamlessly in whatever environment the gig demands. To that end, the POD HD Pro rack multi-effect is equipped with all conceivable digital and analog I/O options. The front panel includes a 1/4-inch guitar input with pad and an XLR mic input with pad, high-pass filter, 48V phantom power and level control. The back panel provides stereo 1/4-inch and balanced XLR outputs with a 1/4-inch Dry Out for unprocessed guitar signal; MIDI in and out/thru; S/PDIF in and out and AES/EBU in and out for 24-bit digital connections. (The AES/EBU out doubles as the powerful L6 LINK™ connection.) There’s also a Variax™ VDI input for connection to Variax modeling guitars, a USB jack and much more. And of course there’s a 1/4-inch stereo headphones jack for silent jamming.”

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