Softube Launches Summit Audio TLA-100A Plug-In

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Softube’s new Summit Audio TLA-100A (Tube Level Amplifier) plug-in is out now, available via the Softube webstore and at authorized Softube dealers at an introductory price of $229.

Summit Audio TLA-100A

The TLA-100A plug-in is available for Native (VST/AU/RTAS) platforms, 32- and 64-bit. The introductory offer will last until November 16 and thereafter the price will be $279.

According to Softube…

“The original Summit Audio TLA-100A is the “set-and-forget” compressor, with a program-dependent nature that works with the signal to provide optimal performance without constant tweaking. Its ease-of-use and warm, rich sound is why it is still, after more than a quarter of a century, regarded as an industry standard for mixing, tracking and live usage.

Both tube and solid state technologies are combined in this innovative design which has made the TLA-100A a tried-and-true choice for vocals, in addition to bass, drums and guitar. Softube brings the renowned sound quality of the TLA-100A to digital audio workstations.”

While being true to the original, additional features have been added to the plug-in that bring the TLA-100A capabilities up-to-date with modern production techniques. The plug-in features: Parallel Compression, Saturation Control and Low Cut Filtering.

Click for more information and to download a fully-functional 20-day demo.

Softube Summit TLA-100A screenshot

  • I have two of the hardware units, and they’re fantastic. They may not be super distinctive in their sound, but it’s essentially impossible to turn the knobs in a way that make them sound bad. A really great design.