Earthworks Launches Redesigned DP30/C Drum Periscope Microphone

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Earthworks  announced that it has released a new and improved version of the DP30/C Drum Periscope cardioid microphone.

The redesigned Earthworks DP30/C has been substantially strengthened.

The DP30/C was redesigned following input from FOH engineers and drummers, and features a thicker and more rugged gooseneck that will stay in place even when the snare or toms are struck extremely hard.

Once the durable microphone head is placed in the “sweet spot”, drummers will not have to worry about the DP30/C migrating once they commence.

According to Earthworks, the new DP30/C maintains the same sound quality and craftsmanship of the original. The microphone capsule housing is designed to protect the microphone capsule and withstand a direct hit from a drumstick. The electronics are housed in a cylindrical tube attached to the end of the gooseneck and provides a high level, low impedance output that will prevent radio frequency interference.

The DP30/C has an extremely fast impulse response that will allow the microphone to capture the full detail of the attack, while its short diaphragm settling time provides a full-bodied sound along with subtle detail. It handles sound levels up to 145dB SPL with no audible distortion, and its heavy construction will enable it to withstand the punishment of the road.

The mics are designed to be mounted via Earthworks’ RM1 rim-mounted mic holder, and have a 15-year warranty.

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