Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge – Part 2 “Mixing & the Magic Chains”

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Last week, we introduced our new “Power Sessions” video interview series with Part 1 of Erica Glyn’s interview with Chris Lord-Alge at Avatar Studios in NYC. Click to watch Part 1: NYC Roots and read on for Part 2…

In Part 2 of our Power Sessions interview, “Mixing & the Magic Chains,” Chris Lord-Alge describes his “never-look-back” approach to mixing, a style/workflow that enables him to power through mixes in just a few hours. NYC artist/engineer/interviewer Erica Glyn drills down into CLA’s process behind the board, his choice outboard gear and SSL 4000G+ console, which he calls “the best designed mixing tool ever made.”

CLA also takes us through his equipment layout (hardware + plug-ins) and typical process (technical + musical). Check it out!

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CLA with Erica Glyn in Studio A at Avatar, NYC

  • Robert

    Great stuff from one of the best!

  • Anonymous

    The Informative insight continues – I saw that part three came out – but I had to see this first