Pedal Review: EHX Analogizer

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Delicious Audio recently reviewed the Electro-Harmonix Analogizer pedal…read a bit below, and visit Delicious Audio for the complete review!

EHX Analogizer ($104.85)

Despite the vast amounts of music recoded on computers, tablets, and phones, the allure of analog recording persists. In recent years there has been a proliferation of audio processors that attempt to emulate the qualities of vintage recordings.

In this vein, Electro Harmonix’s Analogizer is a versatile and compact pedal intended to thicken and and enhance guitar tones. Particularly if you record with DI instruments and digital effects (digital delay/reverbs/EQs etc.), placing the Analogizer at the end of your chain will help to define color and clarity in sound.

The Analogizer has four controls: Volume, Blend, Gain, and Spread. Volume is a nearly transparent trim that controls the master output of the pedal, allowing the pedal to function as a boost or at unity level.

Click thru to Delicious Audio for the rest of this review, by Ezra Tenenbaum.

  • kinsast

    Guys, by all means, this is NOT a review. I followed the link to ‘Delicious Audio’ and, seriously, this is just marketing blurb. You gonna lose your reputation pulling tricks like that. Please don’t.