Workshop Choice: “Approaches to Film Scoring: Making Music for Media” with ManhatPro Director Frank Ferrucci”, 7/11

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One of New York City’s classiest composers, Frank Ferrucci, will be presenting a free film scoring workshop on Wednesday, July 11th. The 2.5 hour class will be put on in conjunction with the Manhattan Producer’s Alliance (ManhatPro) – the NYC-based media education, professional mentoring and networking community for music professionals.

Composer Frank Ferruci leads an action-packed workshop for ManhatPro on July 11th.

“Approaches to Film Scoring: Making Music for Media with ManhatPro Director Frank Ferrucci,” will present an overview of writing music for film, television, Internet, games and other visual media, using examples from his scores and other well known films.

The workshop will include:

• How to approach writing a score. Methods.
• How to approach working as part of the post production team on a project
• Using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and software instruments to create “mock ups” of a score
• Composers as music editors: using computer software to lay out timings and tempo tracks
• Careers in music for visual media
• Q&A


WHEN: Wednesday, July 11th, 7-930PM
WHERE: Stage Left Studios 214 West 30th Street New York, NY.
ADMISSION: There is NO CHARGE for the workshop, but space is limited and registration is required to attend:

RSVP Link:

Attendees will recieve an email confirming your participation.

More about Frank Ferrucci:

A true world view: that´s Frank Ferrucci´s cue. Few artists can match the knack of this accomplished music maven for drawing global sounds together.

Ferrucci, a film and TV composer and recording artist known for founding the “Music of the Americas” concerts and album, maintains sister studios in New York City and São Paulo, Brazil. For him, world influences are a constant source of inspiration that broaden the palette available for his film and TV scores, as well as his more personal projects.

“World music is always flowing into my work,” Ferrucci says. “I’m constantly fascinated by the way combinations of music and musicians from different cultures can mix together to create something new, and my collective work has reflected this.”

A gifted pianist who first made his mark on the keys for renowned saxophonist Gato Barbieri, Ferrucci quickly found himself working with the musical elite. As he subsequently launched a successful solo artist career, he was heavily influenced by the sounds of Latin America, Brazil, Jazz and the Caribbean, recording and releasing 3 CDs on Baioca Records: Film Music Inspired by the Indian Railway (2009) Jewel Eyes (re-release 2008), and Music of the Americas Ensemble (2009) that encompass his integration of world music influences into his own work.

His annual “Music of the Americas” concerts, presented by the Bottom Line and Sounds of Brazil in New York were described by the New York Times as “fusing the advanced harmonies of 1960’s jazz with an array of tropical rhythms, invoking by turns, Salsa, Folk, and Brazilian music.” CODA Magazine added that his music combined “…Latin, Jazz and Folk elements into a rhythmically infectious sound”. Today, a new Brazilian influenced album project for Ferrucci´s label, Baioca Records, is planned with top musicians from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

When it comes to taking this musical passion and making it fit perfectly to picture, the result is an eye-opening range that makes Ferrucci always at the ready to support the scene with the sounds of the world, from Mumbai to New Orleans to Nairobi. He displays a clear command of many styles of world music that can be heard across his reel. Particularly, his masterful combinations of jazzy muted trumpet, alto flute and percussion show up on the thriller feature film Fallout, while hammer dulcimer, female voice and strings melded perfectly on The Italians, and his work on the PBS environmental Series Journey to Planet Earth spans the globe.

Today, Ferrucci´s music has moved seamlessly from the streets to the screen, as reflected in his diverse portfolio. In addition to the projects above, his film and TV credits include scores for Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, Frontline, ABC, Peter Jennings,and the Emmy Award-winning “Earth Summit Pledge” for the Earth Summit Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Additional TV and film clients for Ferrucci include Discovery Films, ABC’s World of Discovery, PBS´ “American Heritage” Series, NOVA, The Learning Channel, Reader’s Digest Films, Lifetime Television, and American Experience . In addition, he has composed the music for the large multi-media installation at the Ellis Island Museum in New York and exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

For Frank Ferrucci, scoring to picture remains a multinational adventure which benefits the director, composer and audience. “The music I create must serve the film and the director´s vision,” he concludes. “There is always a challenge and an edge to having a deadline and creating film music. But when things are working between a film maker and composer, the art of collaboration is thrilling.”

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