Engine Company Records (NYC) Expands, Relaunches as ECR Music Group

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NYC-based Engine Company Records is marking a decade of expansion with its relaunch as ECR Music Group.

James McCartney is one of several artists on board with the workflow of ECR Music Group.

Begun in 2002 on the laptop of founder Blake Morgan, ECR Music Group has since grown to be a consistently profitable independent music company. The company’s artist roster includes David Cloyd, James McCartney, Janita, Lesley Gore, and Melissa Giges, as well as ECR founder Blake Morgan himself.

The company’s label roster includes Big Pop, Curb Cut, Dylanna/MPL, Evergreene, Hook & Ladder, MaybeNot, Somme, and Starfish Music.

In its ten years of existence, ECR Music Group has successfully established itself as an interconnected set of businesses and distinct resources, each driven by Morgan’s experiences as a major label artist to help its own artists and labels realize long-term creative and commercial success.

All ECR artists and labels own one-hundred percent of their master recordings, often appear as guests or as backing musicians on each others’ albums, and contribute to a lean-and-mean business environment where the artists – Morgan included – often double as ECR’s staffers.

“I went to all the artists and bands I was already producing and recording, and said I was starting a label,” Morgan says of his founding vision for ECR Music Group. “A label where the artists would run the asylum, and own their own recordings. And with all the energy saved from all that nightmare-chasing, we’ve made and released record after record – profitably and artistically.”

ECR Music Group will formally launch on October 4th at the Morrison Hotel Gallery on Prince Street in New York City, with a red carpet event.

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