Engine Room Recordings Presents…Pinkerton, Part 3 – Dinosaur Feathers

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LOWER MANHATTAN: Next up in our video series documenting the making of Engine Room RecordingsPinkerton tribute album is…Brooklyn indie-rock band Dinosaur Feathers doing “Tired of Sex”.

This is the first song on Pinkerton, blasting the record off with a dose of loud, feedback-driven garage rock. For their rendition, Dinosaur Feathers swap in a Latin-style pop rhythm and horns, and bring the raucousness via group vocals and wailing guitar solos. Watch the band recording the track at NYC’s Engine Room Audio, below.

Engineer Logan Myers recorded and mixed the song for the Pinkerton tribute album, coming out September 18.

Dinosaur Feathers is singer/guitarist Greg Sullo, bass/guitarist Ryan Michael Kiley and drummer Nick Brooks.

Videos by Andrew Sheron for SonicScoop.com.

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