Rupert Neve Designs Launches 8-Channel Neve 5088 Discreet Analog Mixer

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One of the biggest names in pro audio ever has just gotten smaller – and that may be a very good thing.

The 8-channel Neve 5088 at engineer/composer Michael Cohen’s studio in Sarasota, FL .

Rupert Neve Designs has announced that it’s 5088 discreet analog mixer is now available in a compact, 8-channel format.

According to RND, the new 8-channel 5088 elegantly lays out “the most massive-sounding master section on Earth.” Designed with minimalism and simplicity at the forefront, RND goes on to say that the 8-channel 5088 provides “giant headroom and fantastically low noise floor.”

The first 8-channel Neve 5088 is in operation at Michael Cohen’s Sarasota, FL-based studio.

Interested parties are invited to contact the company directly for pricing.










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