JHS Pedals Releasing New SuperBolt Pedal Early November

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The boutique pedal manufacturer JHS has been building quality effects pedals out of Kansas City, MO since 2007. JHS will soon be adding two new pedals to their existing line with the addition of the SuperBolt (early November) and the 2-in-1 Stateline pedal (not yet officially announced).

The versatile SuperBolt from JHS.

The SuperBolt will emulate the tone and character of rare, discontinued Supro amps from the 60’s that can be heard in Jimmy Page’s popular Led Zepplin recordings. The pedal is available for pre-order now for $200 MSRP. Check out the SuperBold page for more info and video demos.

Here is what JHS has to say about their upcoming pedal:

“The SuperBolt, at its heart, is a discreet circuit, designed to emulate the tone and character of the 1960’s-era Supro Amps. From its touch-sensitivity to the way the pedal sags with tube rectifier color at higher gain settings, the SuperBolt will give any guitar rig a versatile and useful new set of tones, reminiscent of some of the greatest sounds ever recorded. With 3 simple knob controls named Volume, Tone, and Drive, you will have the ability to make any guitar rig drip with vintage soul and attitude that no pedal has ever delivered- until now.

…You will notice that the overall tone is open and full, without the compression found in many overdrives on the market. It will compliment a more compressed drive beautifully, and it stacks well with everything we have tried- and we’ve tried a lot. If you love boosting your amp into natural overdrive, you have never heard anything do this like the SuperBolt. It will literally make any amp into a fire-breathing dirt machine. If you want a classic tool for your guitar rig that can handle any style you throw at it, the SuperBolt is for you. We believe this is a truly unique pedal in a world full of overdrives; get a taste of something different today!”

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