Believe Digital, Digital Distributor and Services Provider, Opens NYC Offices

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The landscape for indie digital distribution just intensified, and New York City is at the center of the action.

Believe is making its presence known in the US with a new NYC office.

Renewed competition in the sector is coming courtesy of Believe Digital, which announced that it has launched its US offices in Brooklyn. Believe Digital stands as a leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists and labels in Europe.

The opening represents the latest expansion for Believe’s growing global network. The company’s NYC offices are headed by Shane German, who was formerly Manager of Label Relations at SoundExchange. He will report directly to Lee Morrison, Head of Sales & New Business in London.

German will be reinforced in the NYC office by Jett Wells and Jen Brown, who both bring international backgrounds from the indie sector, along with expertise in social media. Intern Paris Rabone is also on the ground here for Believe.

Believe’s services include delivery of thousands of new releases to online stores worldwide; trade marketing services; online marketing support including a comprehensive YouTube management service; synchronization service; and online social media strategy, among others.

The company’s M.O. is to meet the unique requirements of each label they work with, strategizing in marketing and distribution via their experienced international network. Believe’s label clients include Soundway (Kartel); Air Records Africa; Southern Fried; Hospital; Tru Thoughts; Fat Cat; Fashion and Revolver.


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