SonicScoop Video Launches Stacie Rose’s Suite Songs NYC: Episode 3: “Standby”

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SonicScoop Video announces the launch of Episode 3 of SUITE SONGS NYC: An original series about the personal and collaborative process of song making, features songstress/series creator, Stacie Rose.

Stacie Rose and her songwriting gang gather for “Suite Songs NYC: Episode 3”

The journey continues with Episode 3: “Standby” of SUITE SONGS. An independent, original web series created by Stacie Rose with award-winning director Patricia Chica and a myriad of friends who graciously shared their time and talents.

SUITE SONGS is an intimate look at both the personal and collaborative process of song-making in a big city.

Episode 3: “STANDBY” includes guest appearances by David Patterson, Mike Harvey, Jeffrey Allen, Jeff Lipstein and Thomas Hutchings.

The episode is edited by Helle Andersen and Carol Butrico and Mixed by Robert L. Smith of Defy Recordings.

For more info please visit SUITESONGS.COM, or

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