Avid Announces Compact S3L Live System

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Live sound engineers who have been craving even more of what Avid has to offer, looking for a solution with increased ease of use on the road but with studio workflow also firmly in mind, are going to take a keen interest in the newly unveiled S3L System.

Article Update: On August 15th, 2013, Avid announced that the S3L system is officially shipping.

S3L is powered by an HDX floating-point DSP engine and works directly with Avid’s VENUE software (AAX plugin support) that will record directly with Pro Tools or any other DAW via ethernet port on the user’s laptop. The new live system features a compact, modular basis of construction for an extremely flexible live solution that packs in a lot of power for any live situation and can be expanded in the future.

The complete picture of Avid's powerful and compact S3L System.

The complete picture of Avid’s powerful and compact S3L System.

Avid’s S3L System will be available Q3 of 2013 starting at $17,995 MSRP. Here are more facts and figures from Avid:

Innovation Takes Center Stage

Get the performance, sound quality, and features that countless live sound professionals have come to rely on in a system architecture that’s built for the future. The modular Avid S3L System is comprised of a high-performance HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins, scalable remote I/O that can live on stage or in a rack, and a head-turning, compact control surface that’s built for the road, but equally at home in the studio.

A fault-tolerant Gigabit Ethernet network connects all devices and uses the open Ethernet AVB and EUCON standards for maximum performance and flexibility. Award-winning VENUE software drives the system, and with Virtual Soundcheck and direct Pro Tools integration, re-creating the sound of the studio has never been easier—or more accessible.

Key benefits

  • Experience uncompromising performance with HDX-powered processing
  • Re-create the sound of the studio with integrated Pro Tools AAX plug-ins
  • Configure the modular system with up to 64 mic pres
  • Get reliable Ethernet AVB connectivity, without the cable bulk
  • Record directly to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through your laptop’s Ethernet port
  • Control Pro Tools and other DAWs using the S3 control surface as a EUCON controller (feature coming soon)
  • Fit the system anywhere and transport with ease—perfect for fly gigs and bus tours
  • Get the celebrated hallmarks of Avid live sound systems
  • Take your VENUE show files with you on a USB key for use on any Avid live system

Proven VENUE software

  • On-board Pro Tools AAX plug-ins from Avid and third-party developers to re-create the sound of the studio in a live setting
  • 64 channels of direct recording/playback to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through a laptop Ethernet port
  • Direct stereo recording/playback with any standard USB flash drive
  • Total VENUE show file compatibility with all Avid live systems

2 Comments on Avid Announces Compact S3L Live System

  1. Natter
    May 29, 2013 at 11:18 am (5 years ago)

    Wow…this looks awesome….

  2. Neil
    May 29, 2013 at 11:20 am (5 years ago)

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Compact, modular, lightweight, scalable…cannot wait to put my hands on it.