Mesanovic Microphones Launches Model 2 – Handcrafted Passive Ribbon Mic

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The Motor City means music – so when a new microphone comes out of Motown, we suggest you pay attention.

The Model 2 is a ribbon mic that's full of surprises.

The Model 2 is a ribbon mic that’s full of surprises.

Detroit-based Mesanovic Microphones has just announced the availability of their Model 2, an innovative ribbon mic that “pushes modern design to its limits.”

As its name suggests, the $649 Model 2 is the second mic in the Mesanovic line, and there seems to be genuine passion behind the company’s handcrafted-in-Detroit microphones. “The Model 1 is more of a classic sounding ribbon mic, while the Model 2 is quite unique,” says owner Deni Mesanovic.  It has the high frequency response of a condenser mic, but retains all the warm low and midrange characteristics associated with ribbon mics.”

Intrigued? We are – and it goes deeper when you read the complete details from this audio upstart:

The Model 2 is a passive ribbon that is completely handcrafted in Detroit, Michigan. The microphone features a 1.8 micron thick, 2 inch long ribbon. A combination of custom designed resonator plates and a narrow ribbon motor gives the Model 2 an incredibly extended high frequency response, while retaining classic ribbon midrange and a rich, low end that reaches flat out to 20 Hz. You can hear the high frequency “air” in this microphone, something not common in ribbons. The Model 2 features a custom made toroidal transformer from Samar Audio Design. This transformer provides low distortion, low noise, unbeatable high frequency detail, and a 3D like sound. The microphones slim body allows it to be used with most third party shockmounts and allows for quick and easy set up.

The Model 2 sounds great on all sources. Its smooth, flat extended response makes it an excellent choice on vocals, guitar amps, drums, strings, brass, piano, and much more. We recommend using this mic on sources where you would usually not reach for a ribbon.

The microphone comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. It ships with a padded plastic case, isolation mount, and protective pouch.


Directional Pattern: Bidirectional

Frequency Range: 20-20kHz and beyond

Sensitivity: -53.2 dB (2.2 mV/Pa)

Noise Floor: <17 dBA


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