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In this exclusive video series for SonicScoop, Producer/Engineer Matty Amendola takes you behind the scenes to share his signature techniques for crafting a great mix.

Working in a true hybrid analog/digital setup, he demonstrates a wealth of tips, tricks, and fresh ideas. In easy-to-follow fashion, Amendola walks you through the mix of Kerchief‘s fresh new single, “Milk & Honey“, complete with detailed annotations, screen captures and recall sheets.

Check out part one below, and all parts in this series at the bottom of the page:

Arriving this summer on 825 Records, Kerchief’s Machines & Animals is 10 tracks of tense hooks, aggressive guitars, and surprising turns. But we get to listen to Kerchief right now, courtesy of the record’s lead single “Milk and Honey.” It’s one of 10 arresting new songs produced by Matty Amendola, who engineered and mixed the album along with Grammy award winner Butch Jones at 825’s Brooklyn Studio (take a tour here).

Kerchief trekked from Tennessee to record with Matty Amendola and Butch Jones in Brooklyn.

Kerchief trekked from Tennessee to record with Matty Amendola and Butch Jones in Brooklyn.

Kerchief, aka Brittany Hill, is a uniquely driven singer, lyricist and guitar player from Tennessee. She initially sought out Amendola for help recording some drum tracks, but the drummer/producer wasn’t satisfied to just send her some beats online. “I loved the three songs I heard,” he says. “I called her and I said, ‘Who’s producing your record?’ She said, ‘I’m not really sure, I think I’m doing it myself.’ I said, ‘If you don’t hire me to produce this record, you’re a moron.’”

Amendola’s NYC-style salesmanship closed the deal, and Kerchief headed east. All 10 songs were subsequently cut at 825 Records’ studio in just seven days. See the techniques that went into the mix below:

Part One: Drums

Part Two: Guitar

Part Three: Bass

Part Four: Color & Keys

Coming Friday — Part Five: Vocals

— David Weiss

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  • Pim

    Thank you for sharing. Even after 35 years of recording music it’s still a joy to take a peek in any one else’s kitchen 🙂

  • Jake Antelis

    Great series!

  • jo

    Terrible song and terrible mix, over the top use of plug-ins. completely uninspiring.