Kevin Killen on Setting Reverbs, Vocal-First Mixing & Choosing Plugins [MixCon Video]

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Thanks to our sponsors at Universal Audio, we get to bring you some key highlights from Kevin Killen‘s unforgettable MixCon presentation. In this one he takes us through a real working mix for up-and-coming Austin Texas band, The Vanity.

Kevin starts off by giving us some background on his history working with U2, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Kate Bush, Shakira and more, and then walks us through a mix from start to finish, showcasing his vocal-first approach to the process.

In this presentation, Kevin focuses on creating and enhancing the “emotional arc” for a song by automating plugins, including UAD’s emulations of the EMT 250, MXR Flanger/Doubler, Roland Chorus Ensemble, Pultec EQ and several others.

Check out the post-event interview where he discusses beta-testing some of his favorite reverb emulations, or skip right to the MixCon presentation highlights:

  • Ray Palagy

    This is SO good! Great presentation.

  • MikeColucci

    Thanks Justin. As usual, your offerings are inspiring as well as educational.

  • Tristan John

    Wow, wonderful and informative. Thanks for this.