Rock Vocal Compression Tutorial with Nathan Hamiel Using the Dangerous COMPRESSOR

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Nathan Hamiel will be producing a series of tutorial videos demonstrating mixing and engineering techniques with high-end audio gear.

Kicking off the video series with a tutorial on rock vocal compression, Hamiel will be using Dangerous Music gear to create dynamic vocal while maintaining the ‘tube gear color’. Performing the vocals is Taylor “TC” Fredline of the band Seconds Away.

In the first edition of tips and tricks, Nathan highlights the importance of using both clean and colored analog gear, “The Dangerous Compressor isn’t just for mixing and mastering it’s a great tracking compressor as well. You can use it in dual mono mode—one side as a limiter and one side as a standard vocal compressor. This is important because the limiter will kick in when the vocal gets really loud controlling the peaks. Through the Dangerous Compressor we are able to attain a large amount of transparent gain reduction.”

Hosting these videos via The Freq Zone based out of his recording studio of the same name in Jacksonville, FL, Nathan Hamiel will have one ready around the first of every month throughout the duration of the series. At The Freq Zone Studios, Nathan specializes in Mastering at his new studio, while his partner Daryl Phenneger manages arranging, composing, engineering, and mixing.

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