iZotope Releases DDLY Dynamic Delay and Mobius Filter Sweeping Plug-Ins

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iZotope is expanding their creative base of plug-ins with the DDLY delay plug-in and Mobius filter plug-in.

DDLY is considered “dynamic” in that it reacts to a track’s own dynamic range to produce

The overlapping control expresses the DDLY's capabilities even further.

The overlapping control expresses the DDLY’s capabilities even further.

varying delay effects. The plug-in works best with source’s containing a wide range of dynamics – more specifically, those captured from a live performance. A simple example of DDLY at work is producing subtle delays on a vocal verse, and more intense delays during bigger moments of a chorus.

Key Features:

  • Two delays in one: DDLY analyzes audio based on an adjustable threshold to determine what to send to the top delay and what to send to the bottom delay. Adjust the Intensity to affect how strongly the signal is split between the two—great for a punchy delay on the harder, transient crack of a drum and a shuffling delay on the main beat elements.
  • Customize your delay: Both delays have two modes to choose from: Analog or Grain. Analog produces warm lo-fi delays with smearing and nostalgic degradation. Grain produces melodic, symphonic, and futuristic sounds for truly new soundscapes.
  • Responsive interface: The interface of DDLY Dynamic Delay reacts to the material on which it’s applied to give unique, real-time visual feedback. As the knobs come to life, the sound gets more compelling.

Mobius is a filter sweeping plug-in that produces the sensation of an infinitely sweeping

Minimalistic controls and infinite sweeps await.

Minimalistic controls and infinite sweeps await.

ascending or descending filter. The filter works well in providing build-up or break-down of throughout the song structure. The best part – the filter can change between the two on a dime.

Key Features:

  • Add motion and energy to your music with infinitely ascending or descending filter sweeps.
  • Draw your own sweeps with the X/Y pad, making fluid adjustments to both center frequency and resonance using a single control.
  • Achieve a rapid, pulsing effect or slower motion by adjusting the host tempo sync to anything from eighth notes to eight bars.
  • Create an immersive environment with the Stereo slider, which widens the stereo field in an amount of your choosing.
  • Create a static filter effect by pausing the filter motion with the Pause function. Or, pause it when it feels right and then automate it to create custom sweeps.

DDLY from iZotope is available now for FREE until March 10th, 2016. Mobius is also available now for $49 MSRP.

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