Event: The Flight of The Mothership Tour from Burl Audio

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Burl Audio will be touring studios in Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal to demonstrate multiple converter shootouts with their B80 Mothership and B16 Mothership interfaces.

The Motherships
Mothership interfaces from Burl are hailed as some of the best interfaces available. Whether or not portability is priority, Mothership interfaces have had a significant impact on digital recording at the professional level.

The Tour
Burl’s goal with this tour is “to provide an opportunity for producers, engineers, studio owners and musicians to hear why the B80 Mothership has become embraced across the world as the best sounding interface on the planet.”

Rich Williams, President of Burl Audio, will be at each of the events discussing the design and philosophy of the Burl Audio gear and will also be available to answer questions.

In Toronto, special guest, and legendary recording engineer and producer, Eddie Kramer, will be joining during a live tracking session through the B80 Mothership.


Tour Schedule

  • Rust Belt Studios – Detroit, Michigan: May 16, 2016
  • Noble Street Studios – Toronto, Canada: May 18, 2016
  • Planet Studios – Montreal, Quebec: May 20, 2016




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