Todd Whitelock Discusses Recording Christian McBride ‘Live At The Village Vanguard’

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The first week of the month is here, and with it comes another Dangerous Music video that reveals how engineers and producers are utilizing their gear for success.

In this month’s installment, engineer and producer Todd Whitelock reveals how using high quality D-to-A converters made all the difference in his live recording of bassist Christian McBride’s Trio, garnering McBride a Grammy Award for Best Improvised Jazz Solo—the first time a bass player has been chosen in this prestigious category. Whitelock used the Dangerous Music CONVERT-8, eight channel D-to-A to monitor and mix the “Live at the Village Vanguard” album, even delivering the CONVERT-8 along with stereo stems to use with the mastering engineer’s Dangerous 2-BUS analog summing mixer for mastering, instead of a conventional stereo mixed file.

“I think the CONVERT-8 allowed the listener to really experience the full picture of the [acoustic bass] performance that is lost in other converters—I’ve even heard lesser converters shorten notes—and I can absolutely speak to this as the fullest and most realistic picture of that bass that I have ever heard. It was an instantaneous ‘Wow!’ It wasn’t until the C-8 that I was able to do a comparison that allowed me to hear how much I was losing on the bottom – I sure wish I could go back and re-do those earlier records,” says Whitelock in the video.

For more info on the Dangerous Music CONVERT-8, click here.


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