Mix with the Masters: Al Schmitt and Andy Wallace on the Agenda

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Two legendary men whose first name starts with “A.” But they’ve got a lot more than that in common.

Mix With The Masters (MWTM) has announced two seminars with a pair of the biggest names in audio: Al Schmitt and Andy Wallace. MWTM gives a select group of applicants (producers, mixers, and engineers) the chance to learn from the ‘Masters’ of the music production world.

The first upcoming seminar will be lead by Schmitt (Neil Young, Ray Charles, Diana Krall, Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Toto, Barbra Streisand, Steely Dan) with engineer Steve Genewick of Capitol Studios.

The look when you find out the MWTM is in France.

The look when you find out MWTM is in France.

Al Schmitt will be teaching attendees about his workflow, techniques and philosophies through well-known song sessions he has recorded and mixed. During the week, he will also be recording and mixing the song of a guest band. Each individual will receive feedback and work alongside Al Schmitt on their own personal projects.

When: September 13th – 19th

Where: La Fabrique, Saint-Rémy de Provence (south of France)

How to Apply: HERE

Wallace’s reputation precedes him, with mix credits that include his earth-shattering work on Nirvana’s Nevermind. Jeff Buckley, Rage Against the Machine, Prince, Slayer, Bad Religion, Sheryl Crow, Linkin Park and many more have all called on his talents, with tens of millions of units moved via his fader moves.

Whats more, Wallace will be leading two weeklong seminars — find a fit for your schedule below.

When: October 24th – 30th, November 1st  – 7th

Where: La Fabrique, Saint-Rémy de Provence (south of France)

How to Apply: HERE

For more information check out the MWTM program description here.


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