New Gear Alert: Focusrite Announces New Mobile Recording Solution, Radial’s New Texas-Pro Pedal, Get Low With bx_subsynth & More

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Focusrite launches iTrack One Pre.

Record on the go with Focusrite’s new iTrack One Pre, capable of pulling phantom power from your mobile device.

iTrack One Pre is a compact mic preamp and guitar input, designed for recording high-resolution audio directly onto iPhone or iPad without the need for external power. With a micro-suction base, iTrack One Pre will stick on any flat surface without moving, inviting users to record their tracks while on the go.

The unit generates phantom power from iPhones and iPads, so users can record with professional condenser microphones whenever and wherever they want.

The preamp in iTrack One Pre enables users to capture crisp and clear recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments directly into their favorite apps, including Garageband. The input level is set via the illuminated gain halo, which is unique technology from Focusrite’s larger interfaces.

Buy iTrack One Pre for €199.99 here.


Radial announces the Texas-Pro™ is now shipping.

Experience the power and versatility of Texas-Pro by Radial Engineering, offering a wide range of tonal variations with individual controls for Drive, output Level and Tone.

The Texas-Pro provides plenty of power and versatility in a compact pedalboard-friendly enclosure. Beginning with Radial’s Class-A buffering circuit, the Texas-Pro retains the natural feel and responsiveness of the guitar, while also allowing it to drive multiple pedals and handle longer cable runs with ease. The Overdrive section is capable of a wide range of tonal variations, with individual controls for Drive, Output Level and Tone, so you can dial in the settings that best match your guitar and amp. A three-position Range switch allows you to select the style of overdrive, from warm vintage tones to a modern rock style or aggressive over-the-top saturation.

The overdrive is complemented by a separate Boost circuit capable of adding +22dB of clean gain, allowing you to push the front end of your amp harder or let your solos cut through. A built-in effects loop allows you to connect a series of pedals that are brought into the signal chain when you engage the Boost circuit. This allows you to simultaneously activate the booster and a delay or chorus pedal, giving you a more streamlined and professional transition for soloing.

Texas-Pro™ is available now for $169.99.


Plugin Alliance announces availability of bx_subsynth subharmonic bass processing plug-in.

Plugin Alliance pays homage to the dbx 120XP with bx_subsynth, a plug-in that generates bass frequencies one octave below the signal fed into it.

bx_subsynth is a unique processing plug-in built around the digital heart and soul of the (discontinued) dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer, using founding Plugin Alliance development partner Brainworx’s M/S (Mid-Side) matrix technology to control the stereo field and add sub, punch, and saturation to sounds.

Inspired by its subharmonic synthesis, Brainworx began by making a meticulous model of the legendary dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer’s Waveform Modeling engine, which generates discrete bass frequencies one octave below whatever is fed into it. Users can achieve tighter, clearer, bigger, and more resonant sounding bass from even the most meagre of sounds with bx_subsynth.

bx_subsynth is available for purchase — as an AAX, DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST2, and VST3-supporting plug-in for Mac OS X (10.8 through 10.12), Windows (7 through 10), and Pro Tools 10.3.10 (or higher) — from Plugin Alliance for $149.00 USD.


Line 6 announces Echo Farm 3.0 plug-in for Pro Tools.

A wealth of vintage hardware units are now available at your fingertips with Line 6’s Echo Farm 3.0 plug-in for Pro Tools.

Bring the same legendary collection of vintage echo effects back to your studio with Echo Farm 3.0, now available as a 64-bit AAX plug-in for Pro Tools 11 and higher.

Choose from 12 models based on vintage hardware units like Maestro® Echoplexes, Roland® RE-101 Space Echo®, Boss® DM-2, Electro-Harmonix® Memory Man and T.C. Electronic® 2290, plus a wealth of Line 6 originals. Each unit delivers the detailed sonic properties of tubes, tape and vintage electronics so you can add organic warmth and mojo to your mix without the expense and hassle of bulky outboard gear.

Echo Farm 3.0 AAX Native is available for $199.00; Echo Farm 2.x TDM to 3.0 AAX Native Upgrade is available for $49.00.


Native Instruments updates Komplete Kontrol software to version 1.8.

Upgrade your Komplete Kontrol experience with version 1.8, offering three new key updates.

On March 1st 2017, Native Instruments released a free update to its Komplete Kontrol software. Version 1.8.0, available now via Native Access, includes three new key features.

The Smart Play scale engine now includes more than 100 new scales and modes, making it easier than ever to take melodies and harmonies in new directions. With the new enhanced Smart Play chord features, users now have full control over the position of individual notes within automatically generated chords. Set to Auto, Komplete Kontrol will select voicings that result in the most natural transitions between chords. Lastly, Komplete Kontrol 1.8 offers standalone transport control. When running in standalone mode, Komplete Kontrol’s transport controls can now be used to start, stop, restart, or adjust the tempo of clock-based instruments such as Reaktor Blocks.

Additionally, the update provides enhanced integration with the Maschine plug-in: Pressing record on the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard now arms Maschine itself, enabling users to record directly into the sequencer.

To receive the update, Komplete Kontrol users should log into Native Access and install version 1.8 from the Available Updates tab. The download is 175 MB for macOS users, and 188 MB for Windows users. Native Access can be downloaded for free here.


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