New Gear Alert: Plugin Overload! New SSL & Moog Offerings from UA, SPL Microplugs “Plus” by Plugin Alliance, Free EQs & More

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Universal Audio releases the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip and Moog Multimode Filter plugin collections for UAD-2 and Apollo platforms.

UA debuts the SSL® 4000 E Channel Strip and the Moog® Multimode Filter XL.

Universal Audio is pleased to announce the release of UAD Software v9.1, featuring the new UA-developed SSL® 4000 E Channel Strip and Moog® Multimode Filter Collections.

UA’s team of engineers dug deep into the SSL 4000 E hardware, faithfully modeling the original preamp’s Jensen input transformers and dbx “gold-can” VCA output section. By capturing the preamp’s signature nonlinear amp behaviors, the new SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection offers all of the expansive, punchy, deep, assertive character of the original hardware.

Built for modern sequencer-based song production, the new Moog Multimode Filter XL plug-in — a one year effort between Moog Music and UA — borrows from various incarnations of Moog designs, nailing the essential Moog filter character unlike any previous software emulation.

Along with numerous filter enhancements and an expanded Envelope control, the Moog Multimode Filter XL plug-in features an intuitive, full-featured, four-lane 16-step sequencer, giving electronic and dance producers unlimited creative potential, from melodic and polyrhythmic pattern programing to random chaos and cacophony.

The SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection is available for $299, or $149 as an upgrade from the Legacy SSL E Series Channel Strip plugin.

The Moog Multimode Filter Collection is available for $249, or $99 as an upgrade from the Moog Multimode Filter Legacy plugin.


Plugin Alliance advances several SPL Microplugs with new and improved “Plus” versions.

The same classic SPL Microplugs with exciting new features.

Plugin Alliance is proud to announce availability of SPL’s Attacker Plus, De-Verb Plus, and Mo-Verb Plus — new and improved versions of three Microplugs created by founding Plugin Alliance development partner Brainworx in close collaboration with SPL.

The Attacker Plus Microplug presents part of the same envelope shaping supplied by SPL’s Transient Designer hardware, by replicating the edge and punch provided by the original unit’s Attack knob. Attacker Plus also sports soft peak limiting (Limit) access and a Dry/Wet control, affording flexibility across a wide range of material.

The De-Verb Plus Microplug also serves up part of the same envelope shaping supplied by SPL’s Transient Designer hardware in software. It reproduces the attenuation provided by the original Sustain knob — albeit now labelled as Reverb Reduction on the Microplug itself — to reduce or even eliminate the decay of a sound. De-Verb Plus also sports the same soft peak limiting (Limit) access and a Dry/Wet control as Attacker Plus.

The Mo-Verb Plus Microplug zeros in on another aspect of the Transient Designer’s distinctive envelope shaping, this time replicating the boost provided by the hardware’s Sustain knob that extends the decay of sounds as a self-explanatory Reverb Enhancement control, allowing all reverb events to be amplified — again, regardless of signal level. Mo-Verb Plus also offers an Output Gain control that allows compensation for level changes after processing the signal, which — when combined with the peak limiter (Limit) and Dry/Wet controls — secures simple and safe adjustment of levels while avoiding internal clipping when shaping the decay characteristics of material.

Attacker Plus ($99.00 USD), De-Verb Plus ($79.00 USD), and Mo-Verb Plus ($79.00 USD) are available for purchase — as a AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST2, and VST3-supporting Microplugs for Mac OS X (10.8 through 10.12), Windows (7 through 10), and Pro Tools 10.3.10 (or higher) — from Plugin Alliance and select VSSD (Virtual Stock Software Distribution) retailers.


IK Multimedia introduces Fulltone® Guitar & Bass Effects Collection for AmpliTube.

IK Multimedia brings to guitar and bass players the classic Fulltone® sound, available now for AmpliTube.

IK Multimedia’s Fulltone® Collection includes 3 powerful processors that are equally at home in music production as well as in creative sound design — The TERC “That 80’s Rack Chorus!®”, SSTE® Solid State Tape Echo, and the OCD® Overdrive Pedal.

Guitarists, keyboard players, composers, producers, sound designers and mixing engineers can now take advantage of all the mojo and feel of the original Fulltone hardware but with all the practicality of AmpliTube’s well-known ease of use.

The TERC gives you that lush, expansive, huge and elegant chorus sound that made it so famous during the 80’s and was regularly used by some of the world’s top session guitarists. The Solid State Tape Echo captures the full essence, warmth and vibe of the original Echoplex EP-3, but without its unavoidable drawbacks — the original unit was very noisy, featuring low-quality tape heads and would produce lots of hum. Fulltone’s SSTE fixes these issues, greatly enhancing the machine’s response and capabilities. The OCD overdrive pedal is already a classic. It gives the sound more grit, punch and the same kind of touch sensitivity, warmth and complex harmonics that characterize a quality tube amp.

The Fulltone Collection is available from the IK Online Store and from within the AmpliTube Custom Shop at $/€59.99.


Say hello to Rotor, the iPad & iPhone music app by reactable.

Rotor is a creative new approach to sound design for use on your mobile device, made possible by reactable.

Rotor is the new app that turns your devices into a comprehensive electronic music performance suite. Using the optional Rotor controllers, which can be purchased separately, it also brings the reactable tangible music experience that has captivated musicians such as Björk, Coldplay or Gui Boratto, for the first time into the iPad.

Rotor is not a conventional synthesizer, sequencer, nor DAW, although it includes elements of all of them. Rotor incorporates dozens of modules, among instruments, audio effects, modulators and controllers, which can be linked together using a flexible and unique routing system, for creating expressive and intricate patches. It is an unprecedented multitouch/tangible instrument specially designed for live interaction and performance.

Rotor is available for $9.99 in the App Store. releases FREE EU ProMixEQ-10A, a precise mixing equalizer.

Free EQ by Yes, please!

EU ProMixEQ-10A is designed to produce precise tones with minimum coloration, artifacts and harshness of sound, ideal as a main mixing equalizer for individual instruments and tracks. Designed by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan, who has more than 10 years of experience with DSP coding and plugin development, EU ProMixEQ-10A uses the latest available DSP codes of EQ/Filter virtual circuits to provide clean, high resolution sound.

EU ProMixEQ-10A is released as FREEWARE and can be downloaded here.


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