4 “Magic” Plugins That Might Just Fix Your Mix After All

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The movement to computer-based recording, combined with the ever-increasing affordability and quality of software has seriously democratized the music making landscape.

These are just a handful of great tools to make the mixing process easier, and if the “magic” sounds good, does it really matter how you got there?

Paul “Willie Green” Womack is a Producer/Engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. Working primarily in Hip-Hop, R&B and Gospel, his credits feature artists including Donnie McClurkin, Wiz Khalifa, Open Mike Eagle, Billy Woods and many more.

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  • So Prime Studio is what became of the Acustica people? Their plugins look cool, but where did they come up with that spelling of ‘Charly’?

  • Soundguard

    As I know, Charly is the name of the guy who modified the custom hardware unit and no, these are not the Acustica people. It’s a recording, mixing, and mastering facility in Austria.

  • Thanks for that. It does reference Acustica Audio in several places on their site.

  • Paul Wade

    Great article thank you!

  • Paul Wade

    The relationship is that Prime Studio Austria licensed the volteric kernel impulse technology from Acustica.

  • Joel Glaser

    Having trouble locating Prime Studio’s Charly plugin. Anyone have a link?

  • Thanks so much for the article! Never heard of Primo Studio. Look forward to checking them out!

    Owned the Waves Vocal Rider for a while, and never achieved the results I was looking for. Ended up picking up Melda’s AutoVolume, which works beautiful. Nine times out of ten I don’t do much except set the “Depth” and am done.

    My top plugins mostly revolve around making light-work of tedious tasks: Hornet VU for gain-staging, Melda AutoVolume for vocal rides and DrumLeveler for tidying up drum dynamics.

    Loving Mastering the Mix’s Levels metering system. It’s like having a nagging parent in your DAW, but in a good way!

  • Tonda Smrčka

    Drum Leveler by Melda or SoundRadix? Which one is better in your opinion?

  • Hey Tonda, I prefer the Melda version over the SoundRadix one. I owned SR’s DrumLeveler, but sold the license.

    Even though the SR version is more aesthetically pleasing, I felt I achieved better sounding results with Melda.

  • Tonda Smrčka

    Thanks for your opinion! Probably the same case like Auto Align. Melda is 100% faster, more efficient and much cheaper. It smokes SoundRadix all the way!

  • No problem! I do dig Sound Radix’s GUIs. But Melda tends to get the vote with my dollar 😉

  • Tonda Smrčka

    That’s right man, the GUI is the only thing that don’t really impress me with Melda plugins. 😀