New Gear Alert: UAD SSL Bus Compressor & Pure Plate Reverb Plugins, Limited Edition Moog Synth, Eventide’s PitchFuzz & More

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Universal Audio releases SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor and Pure Plate Reverb plugins for UAD v9.2.

UA based the design of their SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor model off of the in-console and FX G384 rackmount units, including their unique control voltage summing; The Pure Plate reverb was painstakingly designed to capture the sought-after sonic characteristics of steel plates, transducers, and dampers found in various classic plate reverbs.

Fully endorsed by Solid State Logic®, Universal Audio has introduced the SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces—an expert end-to-end circuit emulation of the compressor that is integral to the hit-making SSL® sound. The G Bus Compressor is legend for making mixes bigger, more powerful, and punchy, all the while enhancing cohesion and clarity.

Embarking on a ground-up re-design of the original SSL® G Bus Compressor plugin, UA’s team of engineers meticulously modeled every nuance of the in-console and FX G384 rackmount specimens, including their unique CV (control voltage) summing. By capturing all of its circuit behaviors, the new SSL® G Bus Compressor plugin offers the same punchy, transparent glue, and ultra-accurate stereo image of the original hit-making hardware.

The Pure Plate Reverb plugin provides UA’s revolutionary plate reverb emulation in a simple, affordable package—with all of the essential features.

Engineered by the modeling experts at Universal Audio to be a no-compromise solution of this classic effect, Pure Plate Reverb captures all of the sonic and mechanical nuances of the steel plate, transducers, and dampers that have flattered iconic recordings for over half a century.

Users can upgrade from the SSL® G Bus Compressor Legacy plugin for $149; Pure Plate Reverb is available for $149.


Moog announces the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV analog synthesizer.

Users of Moog’s Sub 37 Tribute Edition analog synthesizer can now enjoy double the headroom, re-shaped gain staging of the Ladder filter, and the re-tuned Multidrive circuit with the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV analog synth.

The SUBSEQUENT 37 CV is a limited-edition redesign of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition analog synthesizer, and limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide—with the first 125 units built live on-site at Moogfest 2017.

Anchored by a pair of solid aluminum side pieces inset with North American hardwood and affixed to a rugged steel and aluminum enclosure, the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV features four assignable CV outputs and two assignable Gate outputs for interconnectivity with large-format and Eurorack modular systems, an upgraded keybed for improved playability, a high-powered headphone amplifier for live-monitoring, and a modified analog signal path.

The SUBSEQUENT 37 CV’s mixer now has double the headroom of the Sub 37 Tribute Edition. Taking advantage of the mixer’s newfound flexibility, the gain-staging of the Ladder filter has been reshaped to boost harmonic saturation and analog compression. Completing the sonic evolution is a re-tuned Multidrive circuit that extends well beyond the grit and growl of the original Sub 37.

The first 125 units are available for purchase exclusively through Guitar Center during Moogfest 2017 (May 18-22) and on Guitar Center’s website. Pricing for the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV does not seem to be disclosed as of yet.


iZotope adds features to Spire, its multitrack music recording app.

Users of iZotope’s Spire can now enjoy an increased track count, added flexibility with exporting and sharing tracks, and the ability to use the iPhone microphone as an input source.

Putting iZotope’s renowned audio processing technology in mobile form, the latest version of Spire allows users the ability to export tracks and share projects with other Spire users, establishing a more collaborative process. Key updates include expanded multitrack support from four to eight tracks, the ability to choose the iPhone microphone as an input source, and additional in-app functionalities.

With these enhancements, iZotope listened to the needs of Spire users. The app now allows for easier track editing and exporting, reduces unwanted characteristics in recording, integrates into cloud storage apps for seamless project management, and encourages collaboration between musicians by instantly allowing them to share projects with friends.

Spire is available for FREE at and the Apple Store.


Eventide announces availability of PitchFuzz.

A peer into the internal routing of Eventide’s new algorithm for the H9 platform: PitchFuzz.

Back in January, we covered Eventide’s announcement of PitchFuzz, a new multi-effect algorithm for its H9 platform. As of Tuesday this week, PitchFuzz is officially available.

PitchFuzz is one of the most flexible and creative algorithms in the H9. With a unique distortion effect, three independent pitch shifters and two delays, it’s the equivalent of 3 high-quality effects pedals in a single stompbox.

PitchFuzz includes 36 presets—some of which were designed by actual Eventide artists. New H9 & H9 Core units come with a coupon for a free algorithm which can be used for PitchFuzz. Existing owners can purchase via the H9 Control app for $19.99. Owners of H9 Max get every new algorithm free, for life. With the addition of PitchFuzz, the H9 Max continues to evolve as a platform which continually gives new inspiration to its users.


MAGIX releases Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 and announces new versions of Sound Forge Audio Studio, and Sound Forge Pro.

Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 by MAGIX now offers support for 64-Bit float/192kHz resolution, 32 channels of audio, sample-accurate editing, and other exciting new features.

MAGIX has committed to upgrades for the entire Sound Forge family of products. Currently under development by engineering teams in the US and Germany, new upgrades begin to arrive this month, with upgrades for the entire line slated for completion within the next 12 months.

Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 marks the beginning. Support for 64-bit float/192kHz and 32 channels of high-resolution audio, sample-accurate editing, enhanced professional-level filters and processing, and disc-at-once Red Book Standard audio CD authoring makes Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 a great tool for audio processing and mastering on Mac OS. Version 3 adds several new features, including loudness metering and the iZotope plugins RX Elements and Ozone 7 Elements.

A new, 64-bit version of Sound Forge Audio Studio will follow on August 8th, 2017. Top features include improved DSP algorithms for native audio effects, slice-oriented edit mode providing a dynamic way to edit wave files, VST3 compatibility and enhanced accessibility.

After 4 years without a new version, Sound Forge Pro 12 is expected to roll out at the end of 2017. Teams in both Berlin, Germany and Madison, Wisconsin have set a goal to raise the bar for audio editing and mastering in version 12.

The latest version of Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 is now available online for $299/€299.




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