New Gear Alert: MAGIX Sequoia 14, Cloudlifter Zi DI/Mic Activator, Free NUGEN Plugin via Focusrite & More

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MAGIX releases Sequoia 14.

Along with expanded hardware compatibility, Celemony Melodyne is now built directly into MAGIX’ Sequoia 14.

With a host of new features regarding editing and hardware support, MAGIX releases Sequoia 14, specifically designed for the needs of big-studio audio and broadcast engineers.

This latest version specifically focuses on strengthening the core area of audio editing. Celemony Melodyne is now directly built into Sequoia via the ARA, while the plugin is included in the essential version. Additional professional functions such as tempo automations, audio-to-MIDI and XYZ direct are now easily accessible to enhance workflow.

Highlights for mixing and broadcast include seamless and optimized integration of Sequoia and Pro Tools | S6 Controller. The DAW and the high-end mixer from AVIDR work together using precisely calibrated EUCON protocols—this means that Sequoia can also be controlled using the iOS app developed by AVID.

After the successful acquisition of several Sony Creative Software products including SOUND FORGE and the ACID series, this latest release underscores MAGIX’ ambitions in high-end audio.

Sequoia 14 is available here for $2,975.


Cloud Microphones is now shipping Cloudlifter® Zi DI and Mic Activator.

Cloudlifter® Zi’s wide tonal palette comes from its ability to manipulate impedance loading via its variable central knob, along with a switchable high-pass filter.

Cloud Microphones is now shipping the new Cloudlifter® Zi Vari-Z Instrument DI and Mic Activator, bringing their popular Cloudlifter® technology to guitar players, bass players, keyboard players and more. The Zi gives players control over their tone and loads of ultra-clean gain when going direct or micing up their amp.

The CL-Zi’s variable impedance “Z” knob and high-pass filter work in tandem to create massive tone shaping through the manipulation of impedance loading.

The CL-Zi has a three-position gain switch allowing for minimum gain, more gain, or the maximum gain available (up to approx. +25dB for microphones or +12dB for instruments). This allows players to access clean gain and a lower noise floor for many studio or stage applications, from an electric guitar player that uses amp modeling or an acoustic guitar player, bass player, or keyboardist going direct.

As with all Cloudlifters, the Zi can be used with dynamic microphones to increase gain before feedback on stage or ribbon microphones to boost signal quality in the studio.

The Cloudlifter® CL-Zi is now available at authorized dealers for $449 MSRP, $379 MAP.


Focusrite offers free NUGEN Audio Stereoizer Elements plugin.

Enhance your stereo imaging with NUGEN Audio’s Stereoizer Elements, available this month via Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective.

This month’s Plug-in Collective offer is NUGEN Audio’s Stereoizer Elements (worth $49), plus $100 off any of the company’s store bundles.

Stereoizer Elements is a user-friendly tool for stereo image enhancement and manipulation. The plugin features a range of stereo image enhancement capabilities, from gentle width adjustments to huge dynamic ambiences that transform the soundstage.

Stereoizer Elements enables great results with minimum effort, plus the assurance of superb mono compatibility and no artifacts.

Those who register Focusrite hardware before July 1st, 2017 can take advantage. Those who have already registered can simply log into their Focusrite account page.

Find out more about Plug-in Collective here.


Gothic Instruments releases DRONAR Dark Synthesis.

DRONAR Dark Synthesis is the fourth installment in Gothic Instruments’ line of sound design tools for KONTAKT, creating dark, rich and complex cinematic soundscapes.

Gothic Instruments has released the fourth module in their series of KONTAKT sound design tools: DRONAR Dark Synthesis.

DRONAR Dark Synthesis offers an abundance of luxurious complex cinematic sound design layers for you to sculpt and shape to the needs of your project. DRONAR automatically spreads out the chord in the mid-range, adds a root bass note, a high note and then implements evolving sound effects. 8 simultaneous different sounds are then animated with LFOs, a rhythm sequencer and arpeggiators to bring them to life for a result that is rich and dramatic.

DRONAR Dark Synthesis is available to buy here at an introductory price of £47.96 until June 27th, 2017 (normally £59.95). Those who already own a DRONAR title can combine their 20% loyalty discount code with the intro offer to save 40%.


Impact Soundworks announces availability of Ventus Ethnic Winds – Pan Flutes.

Ventus Ethnic Winds – Pan Flutes is a series of deeply-sampled solo ethnic woodwinds for the KONTAKT platform, whose roots trace all the way to Romania, Peru and Bolivia.

Featuring (for the first time) two instruments in one—the versatile nai pan flute (from Romania) and powerful toyo bass pan flute (from Andean Peru and Bolivia)—Ethnic Winds – Pan Flutes is available for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT platform.

Pan Flutes is deliberately designed to take users on a gripping global journey, capturing the tones of phenomenally-performed solo woodwinds outside of the Western repertoire.

Pan Flutes can be purchased and digitally downloaded (as a 6GB library totalling 6,200-plus 24-bit samples) directly from Impact Soundworks for $99 here. Existing Ventus Ethnic Winds series owners receive an increasing discount depending on the number of Ventus Ethnic Winds libraries already owned.

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