MixCon 2017 Preview: Mick Guzauski – The Funk Pop Mix

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MixCon 2017 is coming on July 8-9, at the Manhattan Center in NYC: Six in-depth Mix Walkthroughs by elite mixers – presented by SonicScoop and the Deli Magazine.

Bring your Q’s for Mick Guz at MixCon!

We’re taking a closer look at the mixers who will be sharing their secrets. Today, the focus is on Mick Guzauski, whose huge discography includes Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, and many more platinum artists.

Mick Guzauski’s Mix Walkthrough is sponsored by Universal Audio. Don’t miss Mick! Experience him in person at MixCon! Visit here to RSVP.

Mixer Name: Mick Guzauski

Website: http://www.mickguz.com

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

Clients/Credits: Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Mr. Mister

My Mix Angle: I like to use a wide frequency spectrum, and provide a lot of clarity. The most important thing is balance as well as spatial relations, with just a few tricks – each sound source is in its place and you can hear everything.

For Example:

At MixCon, I’m Focusing On the Funk Pop Mix Because: It’s a funky pop type of thing, which I’m getting a lot of calls for lately. Groove oriented stuff. I just like the music!

 Sneak Preview: I’ll go over how I organize the tracks, and my in the box (ITB) workflow. I mix ITB with very little outboard gear for recallability, but I need a control surface to work on. I need to move faders, to work on balances between tracks — stuff I can’t do with just a mouse, so I’ll show how I work on an Avid S6 console. I don’t use tons of plugins, I use what’s necessary – we’ll cover how to use reverbs and delays to create space.

 I Love Leading Audio Workshops Because… I like the Q&A part a lot. I’m excited to put forth information, and then talk to people about it. So come ready with your questions!

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Mick Guzauski’s appearance at MixCon is made possible by Universal Audio.

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