MixCon 2017 Preview: Improve Your Mix Room! Actionable Tips for Instant Upgrades

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MixCon 2017 is coming on July 8-9, at the Manhattan Center in NYC: Five in-depth Mix Walkthroughs by elite mixers – presented by SonicScoop and the Deli Magazine.

On Sunday at 6 PM, MixCon will feature “Improve Your Mix Room!” Led by SonicScoop Founder/Editor David Weiss, this productive session will see three studio design experts sharing their techniques to instantly upgrade critical listening environments.

Following the Mix Walkthroughs by Marc Urselli, Joey Raia, Mick Guzauski, Rich Chycki, and Bob Power, this power hour will ensure your new mixing skills translate. Discover the top mistakes mixers make when they set up their rooms. Diagnosing studio problems and affordable fixes will be emphasized, with extensive Q&A time to address audience members’ studio troubleshooting needs.

“Improve Your Mix Room!” includes:

Rachel Alina will be on point at “Improve Your Mix Room!”

Rachel Alina — mixer, studio design consultant, and instructor. Working out of her DUMBO mix suite, her current projects include Mass Gothic (SubPop) Federico Aubele (indie), Caleb “CE” Eberhardt (styles upon styles), and Alborosie (Greensleeves, VP). Top credits include Stephen Marley, Dawn of MIDI, and Joan Osborne. She also teaches “The Art of Mixing” for Berklee School of Music Online.

Dave Kotch – principal of Jersey City, NJ-based acoustical design firm Criterion Acoustics. His designs include Atlantic Records’ in-house studio (NYC), Warner Bros./APG Artists’ “A Studio” (Los Angeles), and music house Human Studios (NYC).

Jim Keller – a prolific studio designer/builder/fabricator, Jim is the founder of Sondhus. His background as an audio engineer/producer has led to designs for Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Paul Savoy (a-ha), Laurie Anderson, Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Regina Spektor, Philip Glass, and more.

Audience members are invited to send their studio photos in advance of “Making Your Mix Room!” to info@sonicscoop.com. The group will analyze studio images and make suggestions.

Upgrade your environment at MixCon! Visit here to RSVP.

Jim Keller of Sondhus.

Dave Kotch of Criterion Acoustics

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