Is SoundCloud Shutting Down? Recommended Safety Nets for Saving Your Tracks

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If you’re one of the artists, podcasters, producers, or labels that have become accustomed to sharing your music via SoundCloud, a problem is looming: the online distribution platform is in serious financial peril. According to TechCrunch and other news outlets, the Berlin-based company has just laid of 40% of its staff and currently only has enough cash to last through Q4 of this year.

SoundCloud laid off 40% of its staff in a cost-cutting move this past week.

There are over 150,000,000 songs available on SoundCloud right now, either through its free tier or paid subscription services. If SoundCloud goes down, everyone who depends on it needs to not only go to alternative distribution outlets like YouTube and Spotify, but also make sure the files that they’ve uploaded won’t disappear along with it.

Let’s hope SoundCloud pulls through — Chance the Rapper is implying he has a plan to save it — in case it doesn’t, there are intrepid journalists out there who have mapped out viable backup plans. Be ready by visiting Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn for “Here’s How to Download Your Own Music from SoundCloud, Just in Case,” and “How to Protect Your SoundCloud Collection Before It Goes ‘Poof‘” by Daniel Adrian Sanchez of Digital Music News.


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