Five Questions with Robert Capelluto, Founder of The Music Producers Club

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Music makers throughout New York City have an important new resource available. It’s not a video series, it’s not an app, it’s not online – it’s real life: The Music Producers Club.

Just as the name suggests, this is a regular (and free!) get-together for the women and men behind the music — the next one is Wednesday, August 23rd. Why did founder Robert Capelluto start it, and what does this meetup have to offer? Find out in Five Questions:

What is the Music Producer’s Club?

The next MPC meeting takes place on August 23rd at WeWork Chelsea, 115 W. 18th Street, 2nd Floor.

The Music Producers Club is a community of musicians from different skill levels and backgrounds, sharing their music and creative process. We host free monthly sessions at various locations around NYC.

Session are typically broken into two portions: The first is dedicated to open sharing, where producers are able to present the project file of an original track on a projection screen. Second is the masterclass portion, where a well-known artist is interviewed and then dives into an original track to discuss their creative and technical approach to making music.

The Club has grown at a fast pace since launching in NYC in 2016, recently catching the attention of groups such as Roc Nation, Fools Gold, and Spotify. Our last meeting featured over 100 local producers, and with certain partnerships in the works, we anticipate that number continuing to grow.

When did you found the MPC, and why?

I founded the MPC in 2011 while I was at Western Washington University. I noticed our school had tons of talented producers and musicians, but no physical space for them to share and discuss their work. The first meeting was held in the basement of our school’s music department, and actually followed a very similar format to today’s sessions.

Eventually we introduced an online component where producers were also able to exchange the stems of their tracks. This Website later went on to become my first business endeavor, an official marketplace for Stems called (which is actually what brought me to NYC).

What is the common thread among people who join and regularly attend meetings?

The common thread among producers who regularly attend sessions is that they have a deep connection to music, both as a listener and creator.

It is no secret that the more you practice something the better you get, and this is especially clear amongst the regulars. These are also the kids who are willing to share it all, and are not concerned about whether someone will “steal their idea or technique.” The growth and strength of our community thrives thanks to those who educate one another, and I have a lot of respect for the regulars who love exchanging music and information.

(l-r) Producer Nick Catchdubs and MPC founder Rob Capelluto

On the presentation side, who do you invite to be your Masterclass Presenters – what are the criteria that you apply and how do their classes generally work?

The two main criteria for masterclass presenters is that they must have a true passion and enthusiasm for sharing and discussing their music, and must not have an ego about doing so.

There have been a few presenters in the past who are “too cool” to nerd out with a bunch of young fans, and they often come across as boring. On the other hand, producers who love to open up and cut to the core about what it’s like to professionally create music are inspiring and the most interesting.

What impact do you hope that the MPC will have on the music producers who take part? Have you seen any specific success stories so far?

We had a duo a while back who shared a banging track that they had made after meeting one another at an MPC session. It was an extremely gratifying moment considering that my main goal is to create a community that influences collaboration.

The Internet is a powerful tool for creating communities, but there is something to be said for being in the same room as other producers who truly understand the subtle highs and lows of being a musician. My hope is that as the Club continues to grow both physically and online, the two supplement one another in a symbiotic relationship.

Bonus question! When is the next MPC meeting? How can people attend?

The NYC Music Producers Club is a free event for producers and musicians of any genre or skill level. Our next session is coming up on August 23rd and anyone is able to RSVP here.



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