Mick Guzauski Masterclass on Pop and Funk Mixing [MixCon Video ft. Jamiroquai]

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Mick Guzauski, critically-acclaimed GRAMMY-winning mixer for Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Pharell, Mariah Carey, Chairlift and more walks us a real working funk/pop mix from the multi-platinum selling artist, Jamiroquai‘s latest release.

In this detailed mix walkthrough, Mick talks about everything from session setup to mix bus treatment to EQ’ing individual instruments as he dives deep, taking us through a major production on a track-by-track basis.

Thanks to our friends at Universal Audio, this presentation is available free to the public. Check them out at uaudio.com

And many thanks to Jamiroquai for letting us go under the hood on this track. You can hear the full song, “Cloud 9” here.

  • Calle Johannesson

    Nice. Either I’m jealous of the source being so high quality that there’s barely a compressor in sight and not really any hipass on anything, or we’re missing 90% of the magic in the sauce by seeing only bounced pre-processed tracks?

  • Andre Mariette

    Same shit I was thinking. SOme of these thing tell ya not to process too much etc but and yeah I get that wit a 10,000 mic and 500,000 setup but how bout my set up lol

  • Calle Johannesson

    Oh I bet the gear in the studio was top notch, but you can totally hear massive compression and stuff, so either they did a lot with the signal going in, or maybe some assistant did some processing before it reached Mike.

  • Tonio Ruiz

    As far as I know (I attended myself to a mix workshop with Mick last year) the tracking was superb itself, so yeah, it sounded amazing from the source, plus the musicians, the band, the producer, all top notch, so those top notch recordings are sent to mix to top notch mixers and so on…. Mick is one of the most kind and lovely human beings I’ve encountered, and yes, he is amazing knowing what to do, how much of it, and when no to do anything at all… pff, mind blowing.

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