New Gear Alert: UAD v9.3 Plugins, 500 Series FET Compressor from BAE, Thunder Knob Guitar Pedal by Lightning Boy & More

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Universal Audio releases four new direct-developer plugins for UAD and Apollo platforms.

With the release of UAD Software v9.3, Universal Audio has unveiled exciting new offerings made in collaboration with Softube and Dytronics, Sonnox, Brainworx and ENGL, and AMS Neve.

Universal Audio recently announced the release of UAD Software v9.3, featuring plugin titles from UA’s direct-developer partners Dytronics®, Sonnox®, ENGL®, and AMS Neve.

Developed by Softube, the Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner plugin is an exacting emulation of the ultra-rare analog auto-panner introduced in 1984. Famous for deep panning and modulation effects, and imparting instant vibe and stereo character to any source, the Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner plugin’s bi-directional “Round Sound” panning yields a 3D sound stage unlike any other automobile-panner available.

Developed by Sonnox, the Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ plugin offers high-level control over the frequency content of audio, helping tackle the most demanding production challenges during mixing or mastering. The first dynamic EQ on the UAD platform, this plugin is an excellent alternative to multiband compression, allowing producers and engineers to sculpt and shape sources with unending precision.

Developed by Brainworx, the ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier plugin expertly captures all of the punishing, beastly punch of ENGL’s most diabolical high-gain amp. It not only captures the intense crunch and distortion of the original amp—it also adds 100 high-end recording chains, as well as onboard vintage delay, noise gate, and low/hi pass filters for further tone shaping.

Developed by AMS Neve, the new AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb plugin captures the expansive shimmer of the original hardware, and adds nine rare, custom programs, doubling the sonic possibilities of the original UAD AMS RMX16 plugin.

Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner is available for $149; Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ is available for $249; ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier is available for $149; AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb is available for $349.


BAE Audio is now shipping the 500C lunchbox FET compressor.

BAE injects some ’60s and ’70s mojo into their lineup with their first FET compressor design: The 500C.

Based on the design of studio staple FET compressors of the ’60s and ’70s heard on countless hit records, the 500C features controls for Input and Output Gain, plus the four selectable, time-honored compression ratios of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1.

In addition to taming peaks, the 500C’s premium components and classic circuit design add highly desirable analog warmth to your signal, making it sound great on everything from drums to bass to vocals. Like all BAE Audio gear, the 500C is hand-wired in California to ensure the highest possible quality control.

The 500C is available through BAE Audio authorized dealers for $950.


Lightning Boy Audio announces the Thunder Knob guitar pedal.

Lightning Boy Audio’s Thunder Knob is the powerful 190v DC successor to the popular Lightning Boy II pedal.

Designed for the people as a result of their comments, suggestions, and recommendations, the Thunder Knob picks up where the Lightning Boy II pedal left off. Thunder Knob gives you the big headroom you can only get from vacuum tubes running at high voltage, while doing it in a safe and easy-to-incorporate way. It works great for pushing tube amps into distortion or giving solid state amps more of a tube-like sound.

The pedal gets its power from any standard 9v DC power supply with at least 350mA of current (center negative). This is boosted internally to 190 volts with Lightning Boy’s proprietary low noise DC-DC voltage booster to power a 12AX7 vacuum tube. There is circuit protection built into the pedal in case of fault.

Thunder Knob is available in the Lightning Boy online shop for $189.


Unfiltered Audio announces the availability of overhauled Dent 2 and Indent 2 plugins, exclusively from Plugin Alliance.

Explore new and exciting ways to mangle your signal with Dent 2 and Indent 2, available now from Unfiltered Audio via Plugin Alliance.

Dent 2 and Indent 2 are all-new and advanced versions of Plugin Alliance partner Unfiltered Audio’s unique distortion/waveshaping plugins.

With Dent 2, users can manipulate signal by adding or subtracting a DC bias, adjusting the waveform’s shape by flattening or sharpening it, and independently adjusting the positive and negative halves of the waveform. The bitrate engine in the plugin is a continuous and automatable parameter with six different bitcrush algorithms. Dent 2 also offers four different resonant filter types.

Indent 2’s signal path consists of a customizable multimode filter, sandwiched between two different clipping stages—both of which offer the same ten different user-selectable saturation modes found in Dent 2. Add a modulated, resonant high-pass filter after the first clipping stage to get an old school techno sound on a synth bass track, then set the second clipping stage to “Wavefold” to smooth out the signal and bring back some of the harmonics that were cut off by the filter.

Dent 2 and Indent 2 are available for purchase exclusively from Plugin Alliance for $99 and $49, respectively. Owners of Dent can upgrade to Dent 2 for free at any time, while a time-limited promo offer allows owners of Indent to upgrade to Dent 2 for $29 until September 30th, 2017.


KORG announces iMono/Poly iOS synthesizer.

KORG brings the classic sound of the Mono/Poly synthesizer to your smartphone or tablet with the iMono/Poly for iOS.

Following the release of the popular Polysix synthesizer, KORG introduced the Mono/Poly; a fat-sounding four-VCO monophonic synthesizer. To celebrate its legacy, KORG has reintroduced iMono/Poly, bringing the exact sound of the legendary synth—and more—to any iOS device.

iMono/Poly completely reproduces all of the features found in the original Mono/Poly. Four VCOs and a rich array of modulation options provide a deep playground for sound design, and two multi-effects units and eight virtual patches have been added. The iMono/Poly faithfully reproduces the thick sounds the Mono/Poly was known for by using KORG’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology), which models the electronic components and circuits of the original hardware.

iMono/Poly is available in the App Store for $19.99.


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