New Gear Alert: Mobile Collaboration Solution from iZotope, VOX’s Continental Organ, Nexcellence Reverb by PSP & More

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iZotope announces a new hardware product: Spire Studio.

iZotope closes the gap in mobile collaboration technology with Spire Studio, making it easier than ever to exchange ideas—no matter where you or your bandmates are.

Spire Studio is a versatile, wireless system that enables songwriters and musicians of all genres to capture, edit, and collaborate seamlessly—at home, or on the road.

Whether capturing a moment of inspiration or collaborating with remote bandmates on a series of tracks, Spire Studio works together with the free, integrated iOS app to deliver a new kind of recording experience encapsulated in a coffee cup-sized device and mobile phone. The wireless system solves the technical and logistical hurdles that get in the way of capturing creative ideas, making professional quality, multi-track recording spontaneous and simple.

Beginning in Fall 2017, Spire Studio will be available for $349 at and at select retailers.


VOX reimagines the classic Continental combo organ.

Those familiar with VOX’s “The Connie” will be pleased with its reissue, which adapts the features of the original to accommodate a more modern sound and workflow.

VOX has recreated a new version of “The Connie,” transforming the original combo organ into a modernized rendition, loaded with present-day sounds and updated performance features.

With an all-new intuitive interface designed for on-stage playability, the reissued VOX Continental allows for instant access to all features from the convenience of the front panel. At the heart of the interface is a unique multi-ribbon LED touch strip which allows for the adjustment of a variety of parameters such as drawbars, EG, LFO, EQ and more.

The VOX Continental takes after KORG’s powerful Kronos and Grandstage models by housing multiple engines, each dedicated to providing amazingly articulate and detailed sounds. The organ section consists of three engines: VOX Transistor, COMPACT and CX-3, each meticulously mirroring the sound of the original models. The EP-1 engine focuses on electric pianos, SGX-2 provides incredibly expressive pianos, AL-1 delivers polyphonic and solo synth sounds both modern and classic, and HD-1 rounds out the palate with a generous helping of PCM-based instruments across multiple categories.

The VOX Continental 61 and 73- note versions will be available in September of 2017 for $1,999.99 and $2,199.99, respectively.


PSP Audioware announces Nexcellence—a new “Necklace” reverb.

PSP Audioware is now offering a fresh take on spring reverbs, particularly those of the “Necklace-type,” as seen in their new “Nexcellence” plugin.

PSP Nexcellence is a rich-sounding, spring emulation inspired by and modeled after “Necklace-type” reverb units. It provides two different spring set processors and can use one or both of its processing engines simultaneously. The algorithm has improved on the original hardware by providing a handy set of parameters to let you control inherent aspects of the spring reverb.

Watch a short promo video of Nexcellence here.

Nexcellence is currently being offered at a special introductory price of $99 until August 31st, 2017. Between September 1st and 10th, Nexcellence will be available for $129, raising to its regular price of $149 thereafter.


Antelope Audio adds four vintage compressors to their hardware emulation lineup.

Antelope Audio adds to their ever-growing collection of hardware emulations, this time with four new and exciting takes on vintage compression.

Antelope Audio is proud to announce the addition of four new vintage compressors to their expanding library of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) vintage hardware-based effects: The BA-6A, FET-A78, SMT-100A, and Grove Hill Liverpool.

Generating three-stage amplification with a moderate drive, hard knee compression, fast attack, and medium release, the BA-6A brings a balanced, vintage sound to the present-day production table. Users can tame the most aggressive and peaking instruments or the wildest mixes without losing sight or sound of any musical punch.

The FET-A78’s punchy, classic-style compression supports innumerable pop and rock recordings. Remarkable when processing instruments individually, it is incredibly flexible; try treating drums, guitars, or vocals. Versatility continues when also applied to tracked groups such as backing vocals, overheads, and stacked synths.

Known for its fast attack times, the SMT-100A is great for vocals, drums, and punchy bass. Because of the smooth sound of its vacuum tubes, the original unit has been the preferred choice amongst audio professionals at the top of their game for over 30 years.

Grove Hill Liverpool is a contemporary fusion of finest American and British compression technologies, making for a familiar yet fresh sound. Bring body and soul to acoustic guitars, smooth out the midrange of guitar leads, synths, and vocals, or throw it on bass for fat, warm sounds. Pushed harder, Grove Hill Liverpool responds in kind, adding a desirable edge without adversely affecting clarity.


KORG upgrades popular Kross workstation line with Kross2.

KORG adds the Kross2 to their acclaimed Kross workstation line, offering scores of new features such as added PCM, more sounds, improved connectivity and the ability to sample onboard.

KORG has enhanced their popular Kross workstation line with the introduction of the Kross2—a pro-level performance keyboard equipped with much-anticipated new features and functions.

Kross2’s powerful upgrades include more PCM, more sounds (1075 programs), more polyphony (120), user sampling, audio recording, audio and MIDI over USB, and 16 sample trigger pads. The synthesizer also comes embedded with KORG’s Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated sound engine, found in many of the brand’s popular synthesizers. Kross2 has also incorporated a new USB audio/MIDI interface functionality—a first in its class.

Available for $1,049.99, Kross2-88 key is available in three different color finishes.




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