Mixing Masterclass: Heavy Mixes & Perfecting Your Mix Template with Marc Urselli

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In this MixCon Master class, 3-time GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer Marc Urselli walks us through the most important part of the mix: Your session setup.

Great mixers know that mixes are won or lost before you move even a single fader. In walkthrough after walkthrough, MixCon presenters almost unanimously agree that getting the tech details out of the way BEFORE you start making creative decisions is key to getting a great mix.

In this masterclass, Urselli, who has worked with artists including Lou Reed, Nick Cave, John Zorn, Laurie Anderson and more, opens up a heavy mix from the band O.R.k and pays special attention to helping you get your mixing template right from moment 1.

Special thanks to McDSP for sponsoring this presentation. Check out more from them at mcdsp.com

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  • Hazze Wazeen

    Great Masterclass, thanks a lot for this!
    This was like an early Xmas present!
    Gonna go through it multiple times here and try to get everything down.
    Is Marc Urselli’s Pro Tools Template available as a download by any chance?
    I perfectly understand if it isn’t, but I had to ask!
    Gonna check out the McDSP after this, never really tried them out.


    Atb/Hazze Wazeen, Helsinki, Finland

  • Stephan van der Meijden

    Thanks for putting this ( and the others) masterclass online. I’ve looked at all the routings in Marc’s template.
    I’m trying to figure out what the 4 lowest yellow (stem)tracks are for. The first seems to be a bus, summing all the individual stemtracks.
    The other three seem to be copies of the tracks right above the bustrack (instrumental, acapella and tv), only with “mix” added to their names.
    In what do the differ?

    Thanks again.

    Stephan van der Meijden
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Justin C.

    Great to hear Hazze! Glad you enjoyed. We haven’t asked if Marc will make his personal template public, but I’ll ask.

  • Justin C.

    Thanks Stephan, glad you’re digging it! Good question. I’ll tag Marc and see if he has any answers for you on that.