NYC Event Alert: “Shape the Future of Audio” Series on VR/3D Audio – Oct. 4-7

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There will be no excuse for NYC audio practitioners to not be totally up to date on VR and 3D audio technology after next week.

That’s because Sennheiser will be collaborating with music and tech education series The Digilogue to host a four-day event, the “Shape the Future of Audio” series at Interface NYC (140 West 30th Street) on October 4-7. This essential series will include panels on VR/3D Audio and The Streaming Economy, master classes on various topics including production and engineering, plus performances from leading contemporary artists. During the event, Sennheiser will also enable attendees to experience the company’s AMBEO 3D audio technology.

VR and 3D audio is as advanced as it gets at “Shape the Future of Audio” Oct. 4-7.

Designed as an immersive forum to inspire the next generation of creators, “Shape the Future of Audio” will see experts and performers demonstrating and sharing what is in store for those looking to create expressive, next generation content using the latest VR and AMBEO 3D audio technology from Sennheiser.”

Attendance is free, but you must RSVP. To register for any of the four days’ events, visit here.

Here’s the full agenda:

The Future of Audio in NYC

The series kicks off on Wednesday, Oct. 4 with the VR/3D Audio Panel — an entire session dedicated to virtual reality and AMBEO 3D. Thought leaders and subject matter experts from a variety of companies in this sector — including Littl Star and Mach1 — will share their insights during a vibrant, interactive discussion. As live music plays a major role in the series’ programming, the panel will also include a performance by Brooklyn-based Hip/Hop act Soul Science Lab.

The second day’s panel on Thursday, Oct. 5 will focus on The Streaming Economy and include a discussion on the implications of streaming and how it affects the current state and future of music. Insight from songwriters, artists and key players in the music industry — including panelists from Spotify and Atlantic Records — will be shared with attendees, with rhythmic beats courtesy of DJ KEVY KEV.

The final panel, to be held on Friday, Oct. 6, will focus on music applications such as Snapchat, Genius and Mixcloud — and explore how these mediums are affecting contemporary music culture and how they will continue to play a role within audio technology in the future. Music on Fab Roc will provide live music during Friday’s session.

Day Four, Oct. 7, will be an all-day event featuring music from DJ’s and live performances from NYC artists.

Hands-on applications from Sennheiser

During all four days, Sennheiser invites attendees to experience and explore its products in diverse range of real-life applications. Using Sennheiser HD 25s, HD 280 Pro and other headphones, attendees will be able to produce and engineer their own tracks in the Sennheiser pop-up studio.

During a studio activation, attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Sennheiser’s new AMBEO SMART HEADSET — designed to capture realistic audio in 3D. Finally, a special travel/lifestyle activation provides attendees with the opportunity to rent any of Sennheiser’s new Bluetooth wireless headphones — such as the PXC 550 and the HD1 Wireless — and enjoy a personalized experience throughout the day.



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